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View of the Himalayas from Dochu La Pass
Map of Highlights of Bhutan - 5 Days
Highlights of Bhutan - 5 Days

The kingdom of Bhutan remains one of the last unspoiled gems of the Himalayas. Closed to foreign visitors until the 1970s, Bhutan's past and present are firmly grounded in traditional Buddhist culture. On this quick 5-day journey around the country, you'll visit quiet monasteries, explore ancient fortresses, and enjoy stunning views of the mountains as you hike through peaceful valleys.

Himalayan Highlights - 5 Days
Map of Himalayan Highlights - 5 Days
Himalayan Highlights - 5 Days

Explore mystical, naturally resplendent Bhutan - also known as Druk-Yal, the land of the thunder dragon - as it emerges from the mists of its self-imposed isolation. From museums to monasteries, this tour will guide you through some of the best of Bhutanese life, culture, nature, and history.

Sunrise over the mountains in Bhutan
Map of Cultural Tour of Paro & Trekking in Bhutan - 5 Days
Cultural Tour of Paro & Trekking in Bhutan - 5 Days

If you can't choose between a cultural tour and a trekking adventure, this 5-day trip around Bhutan is the one for you. You'll get the best of both worlds along the journey, visiting dzongs (fortresses), temples, museums, and historic monuments in the Paro Valley and Thimphu. Then you'll drive to Chele La Pass for panoramic views over the mountains, getting out of the car to hike through native forest to one of the kingdom's oldest Buddhist nunneries.

View over Paro Valley
Druk Path Trek in Bhutan - 5 Days

The Druk Path Trek is one of the most popular treks in mountainous Bhutan. It's easy to understand why: in less than a week, you can hike through forests, camp by a lake, visit monasteries, and see a famous meditation center. This 5-day adventure begins in the Thimphu Valley, leading you through alpine scenery to high mountain passes and glacial lakes. Conveniently, you'll end up back where you started at the end of the trek.

Trekking in Bhutan
Discover the Dagala Trek - 5 days

Generations of trekkers have been drawn by Bhutan's mystical landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to fresh lakes to alpine meadows. The Dagala Trek takes you right through the heart of the country's beautiful scenery, offering exquisite views of the Himalayas, the opportunity to sleep under the stars, and the chance to interact with nomadic yak herders. This five-day trip, perfect for outdoor adventurers, makes the most of a short stay in Bhutan.

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