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With less than a week it’s still possible to experience many of Chile’s highlights. One option is to discover the capital of Santiago on a walking tour before jetting off to the southern Lake District, which abounds with snow-capped volcanoes, Prussian-blue lakes, and native Valdivian forest. Alternatively, you could travel to the far north and visit the lunar valleys, salt flats, and geysers of the Atacama Desert. Even more exotic would be a trip from Santiago to enigmatic Easter Island, where the giant stone moai still watch over this volcanic island.

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Villarrica Volcano looming in the distance
Map of Santiago & the Lake District - 5 Days
Santiago & the Lake District - 5 Days

Kick off this 5-day Chilean sojourn in Santiago for a day of cultural and culinary delights. You'll then fly south for activities surrounding native forests, hot springs, glaciers, and waterfalls. Base yourself in the traveler hub of Pucón for lakeside strolls with views of one of Chile's most active volcanoes—not to mention international eats ranging from Middle Eastern to French to Peruvian.

Moon Valley
Map of Explore the Atacama Desert - 5 Days
Explore the Atacama Desert - 5 Days

Spend your trip exploring San Pedro de Atacama, a laid-back oasis town on the edge of the driest desert on the earth. Revel in the stark beauty of the desert landscape, marvel at the dramatic scenery, and enjoy some of the world's best stargazing while enjoying the cozy hospitality and art in town.

Map of Central Chile Exploration - 5 Days
Central Chile Exploration - 5 Days

Experience some of Chile's highlights in five days with this itinerary, perfect if you're short on time. You'll arrive in Santiago and explore the city on foot, taking in the major sights before enjoying a day trip to coastal (and colorful) Valparaíso for some wine tasting. Back in the capital, and after a tasty food tour, you'll finish your time in the country with a road trip into Chile's central mountains.

Moai statues on Easter Island
Map of Easter Island Exploration - 5 Days
Easter Island Exploration - 5 Days

Explore the incredible natural and cultural heritage of Easter Island on a 5-day tour. This Chilean territory, also known as Rapa Nui, was formed of volcanic rock 2.5 million years ago and offers an array of unique flora, fauna, and landscapes. However, the island is most famous for its iconic Moái statues, the huge humanoid stone sculptures found nowhere else on earth. During your visit, you'll explore ancient Polynesian archaeological sites and learn all about the culture and history of the people who created these mysterious statues.

Wine tour in Santiago de Chile - 5 Days
Map of Wine tour in Santiago de Chile - 5 Days
Wine tour in Santiago de Chile - 5 Days

Do you ever get the urge to just drop everything and take a quick jaunt to wine country and relax with a few glasses of good reds and whites? Then this 5-day sojourn to Chile's famous wine country is just what the doctor ordered. You'll arrive in the capital of Santiago, which will be your home base for excursions into Chile's renowned wine country. Over a couple of days, you'll visit various wineries and taste the different varietals produced on site. As an added bonus you'll get to explore the streets of Santiago on foot and discover its many treasures!

The lush vineyards of Chile's Casablanca Valley
Casablanca Valley Cycling & Wine Tasting Tour - 5 Days

Cradled between mountains and sea, the Casablanca Valley's cool climate and lush soils make it one of the top wine-growing regions in Chile. Setting out from the capital of Santiago, this active 5-day tour strikes a perfect balance between cycling and wine tasting, as you pedal your way through spectacular scenery and visit three of the valley's renowned wineries. End with an unforgettable ride over the mountains to the coast, where you'll discover the remote Pacific beaches of Tunquén.

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