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On the western side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Campeche looms large among Mexico’s many UNESCO World Heritage sites. Imposing 17th-century fortifications surround a photogenic core of cobblestone streets and well-preserved colonial mansions in Mexico’s only intact walled city. Walking the lamplit lanes of this historic settlement is like stepping back in time.  

Delve deeper into the past on specialized tours of the city and surrounding region. On walking tours through the old center, previous kimkim travelers have gained insight into Campeche’s role in the Spanish conquest of the Yucatan, pirate attacks in the 17th century and other tumultuous episodes. The archaeological site of Edzná takes you back to the pre-conquest days, with an in-depth look at the fascinating Mayan temples built over 1000 years ago. Other memorable excursions include boat trips to the virgin white sand beach of Xpicob, and culture and gastronomy tours in traditional villages like Hecelchakán, Bécal and Pomuch.
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Agua Azul Waterfall
Map of Family Trip to Chiapas & the Riviera Maya - 14 Days
Family Trip to Chiapas & the Riviera Maya - 14 Days

On this family-friendly two-week itinerary, you'll discover the diverse state of Chiapas, with its jungle waterfalls, colonial cities, and Mayan communities. Then you'll pick up a rental car and drive yourself around the Yucatán Peninsula, stopping to relax on the beach, swim in cenotes, and visit archaeological ruins perched high above the Caribbean Sea.

Ancient Maya ruins of Ek'Balam
Map of Highlights of Southern Mexico: Chiapas &  Yucatán - 12 Days
Highlights of Southern Mexico: Chiapas & Yucatán - 12 Days

This family-friendly itinerary of southern Mexico combines cultural activities with plenty of natural exploration. The first half of your trip will see you exploring Chiapas' Sumidero Canyon, el Chiflón and Misol-Ha waterfalls, and the impressive ruins of Palenque. From there, you will head to colonial-era Campeche where you will pick up your rental car and tour the Yucatán: from modern Mayan communities to ancient ruins, from refreshing cenotes to the white sands of Holbox Island.

Tulum, Mexico
Map of Mayan Discovery:  Sumidero Canyon, Chichén Itzá, Tulum, and Cancun - 11 days
Mayan Discovery: Sumidero Canyon, Chichén Itzá, Tulum, and Cancun - 11 days

Get a full dose of sun and sea while learning about Mexico's rich Mayan history as you travel from the beaches of Tulum to the wonders of Chichén Itzá pyramid. This journey through a few regions of Mexico will give you ample time to relax while experiencing the country's mystical, handicraft, and culinary traditions, and seeing its significant architectural monuments.

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