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Porto's setting along the Douro River
Map of Best of Lisbon & Porto - 7 Days
Best of Lisbon & Porto - 7 Days

This adventure is the perfect introduction to Portugal for first-timers. Over the course of a week, you'll explore Lisbon's exciting food and culture scene, take scenic day trips to historic villages, and walk through Porto's UNESCO-listed city center. Finish in the oldest wine region in the world before returning to Lisbon by way of the country's medieval capital: Coimbre.

Beach paths along the Algarve's southern coast
Map of Lisbon & the Algarve - 7 Days
Lisbon & the Algarve - 7 Days

This weeklong itinerary covers Portugal's biggest metropolis and its southern coast for a city-beach combo that's hard to beat. Kick off in Europe's hottest capital—Lisbon—for a guided introduction to the 'City of Seven Hills', including nearby highlights like Sintra and Cascais. Then, take the train south for several days of glorious beach-hopping while based in a charming old city surrounded by stone walls: Lagos.

Vila Joya 2* Michelin Star Restaurant
Map of Michelin Star Dining in the Algarve - 7 Days
Michelin Star Dining in the Algarve - 7 Days

Spend a week exploring world-class cuisine at five of the top Michelin Star restaurants in the Algarve. Visit a world-famous wine cellar, explore medieval town squares, and try go-karting on Europe's largest race track. Spend the day with a traditional clam picker and discover Portugal's diverse culinary traditions.

Porto shimmers after sunset
Map of Highlights of Porto & Lisbon - 7 Days
Highlights of Porto & Lisbon - 7 Days

This weeklong adventure combines Portugal's two biggest and most captivating cities for a cultural trip like no other. With a mix of excursions and free time, you'll start off exploring Porto's iconic food scene, cobblestone streets, and nearby Douro Valley (home of Port production). From here, spend three nights in the historic capital complete with a day-trip to Sintra—a fairytale town tucked away in forested mountains.

Sandstone formations at Camilo Beach (two beaches connected through a tunnel)
Map of Portugal: Lisbon, Évora & Lagos - 7 Days
Portugal: Lisbon, Évora & Lagos - 7 Days

This is the ultimate weeklong introduction to Portugal's southern half. The trip starts in the up-and-coming capital of Lisbon where you'll tour the city—and nearby villages—with a local. From here, drive into the Alentejo region for a night in Évora's inner-walled town known for its university and dining scene. Finish the adventure with a train ride to Lagos for fabulous beaches and stunning views in and around the Algarve.

Seafood Cataplana
Map of Food Tour of the Algarve - 7 Days
Food Tour of the Algarve - 7 Days

Spend a week exploring the culture, nature, and history of the Algarve through a culinary lense. Eat and drink your way through Portugal's favorite dishes, visit olive farms, and try your hand at preparing a 3-course meal from scratch. Foodies and nature lovers will love sampling Mediterranean cuisine and relaxing at night in luxurious accommodations.

Surfing in the Atlantic Ocean
Map of Adventure in the Algarve - 7 Days
Adventure in the Algarve - 7 Days

Escape the hustle and bustle and discover adventure in the Algarve on this packed 7-day itinerary. Try rock-climbing, line fishing for your lunch, and horseback riding on shallow beaches. Spend the night on a sailing boat, paddle in hidden coves, and relax in the warm Mediterranean sunshine.

Vibrant coastal cityscapes away
Map of Portugal: the North & Douro Region - 7 Days
Portugal: the North & Douro Region - 7 Days

Explore northern Portugal and the scenic Douro Region on this fantastic trip plan that lets you deep dive into the area's sights, landmarks, culture, and flavors. You'll tour Porto with the help of an expert guide as well as culinary excursion, then you'll head into the spectacular Douro Valley, one of the loveliest wine regions in Europe. Taste flights of Port wines or local table blends and relax by the water's edge. You'll discover the charming towns of Guimarães and Braga, and will spend some time in the fantastic Viana do Castelo, home to a quaint historic core and access to great beaches. Round out your trip with a fantastic excursion to Peneda-Gerês National Park for waterfalls and a picnic with an iconic view. 

Palácio da Pena
Map of Portugal: Sintra Heritage & Coastal Trails Hike - 7 Days
Portugal: Sintra Heritage & Coastal Trails Hike - 7 Days

Take a unique approach to discovering Portugal's beauty with this trip plan, in which you'll hike fantastic coastal trails and will learn about the fascinating region around Sintra. Your route starts in the stunning town of Cascais and takes you along the blue coast, through wide bays of golden sand and along breathtaking cliffs; you'll even traverse Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Continental Europe. Experience great hiking inland when you cross the Sintra Forest and its verdant hilltops. Along the way, you'll also explore charming hotels, tuck into delicious cuisine, and visit incredible heritage sites.

Sagres, Algarve
Map of Portugal: the Algarve Region - 7 Days
Portugal: the Algarve Region - 7 Days

Explore the sensational Algarve on this comprehensive seven-day itinerary that takes you all around Portugal famed region. You'll have ample time in Faro, the Algarve's main hub, and will travel out to see incredible nature parks, tiny towns off-the-beaten-path, and a collection of the best beaches in all of Portugal. Enjoy breathtaking views from coastal cliffs, tackle world-famous surf breaks, wander cobblestone streets in centuries-old towns, or relax on the warm sands of this beautiful region.

Sail to Cabo São Vicente and Sagres
Map of Algarve Highlights: From Lagos to Sagres - 7 Days
Algarve Highlights: From Lagos to Sagres - 7 Days

Once thought to be the edge of the world, this seven-day itinerary highlights the southwesterly corner of the Algarve. Packed with adventurous activities, you will sail, snorkel, horseback ride, fish, and rock climb your way from Lagos to Sagres.

Porto is perfect for families
Map of Portugal Family Getaway: Porto & Lisbon - 7 Days
Portugal Family Getaway: Porto & Lisbon - 7 Days

Portugal is the ideal destination for families, and this week-long adventure offers the perfect mix of sightseeing, relaxation, nature, culture, and history. See the sights in Lisbon and Porto, hike through a national park together, explore history at the Knights Templar in Tomar, and unlock royal mysteries in Sintra. Along the way, you'll get to know Portuguese cuisine with a food tour and take home personal souvenirs after a tile-painting workshop.

Food Tour in Olhão
Map of Taste, Cook & Experience the Real Algarve - 7 Days
Taste, Cook & Experience the Real Algarve - 7 Days

This seven-day food-inspired itinerary is designed for travelers passionate about learning the history and culture of Portuguese gastronomy. Experience the real Algarve as you eat, cook, and drink your way around Olhão and its neighboring villages.

Panorama of Castelo de Vide
Portugal's Jewish Heritage, Lisbon, Porto and the Douro Valley - 7 Days

Start your exploration of Portugal's Jewish heritage in the small towns of Évora, Belmonte, Marvão, and Castelo de Vide, where you'll visit synagogues, museums, monuments, and cemeteries, all while learning about the history of the region. On your way to the Douro River Valley for a wine tasting and rabelo boat ride, you'll stop at the house of Sousa Mendes, a Portuguese resister during WWII. End your trip with guided architecture and Jewish heritage tours in Porto and Lisbon.

Olive Trees Plantation Landscape in Alentejo, Portugal
Map of Portugal: Food Tour of Lisbon & Alentejo - 7 Days
Portugal: Food Tour of Lisbon & Alentejo - 7 Days

Taste your way through Portugal's delights on this dynamic trip plan, with which you can savor local flavors, history, and culture. Foodies will love navigating Lisbon with the help of a guided food walking tour followed by a cooking class, during which you'll explore the best of local produce and products at the market with your culinary instructor. Enjoy the sounds of iconic Fado music, explore spectacular castles and gardens in towns like Sintra, then lose yourself in the tranquility of Évora and the quiet tempo of rural Alentejo. 

The vineyards of Alentejo
Map of Alentejo Cycling Adventure - 7 Days
Alentejo Cycling Adventure - 7 Days

Traverse Alentejo by bicycle on this week-long trip through the villages and vineyards of the lesser-known Portuguese region. Discover ancient megalithic sites, castles, monasteries, and rich historical tradition as you cycle over the rolling hills of this unspoiled golden landscape. Along the way, you'll go wine tasting, sample the local cuisine, and clock over 120 miles on your bike.

Porto, Portugal
Map of Discover Lisbon and Porto - 7 Days
Discover Lisbon and Porto - 7 Days

Explore Portugal's two major cities of Lisbon and Portugal, with guided walking tours leading you through historic streets filled with cathedrals, monasteries, and lively squares. Enjoy local food with stops at market halls and historic cafes, plus a live Fado performance to experience some of the country's traditional music. Take day trips to the countryside to find sites such as the Pena Palace in Sintra, the Douro Valley for wine tastings and a river cruise, and relaxing beach vibes of the Portuguese Riviera.

Family trip to Portugal
Map of Family Getaway to Lisbon & the Algarve - 7 Days
Family Getaway to Lisbon & the Algarve - 7 Days

Check off some of Portugal's most famous sights on this seven-day family adventure. Start in Lisbon with a guided tour via electric tuk-tuk and a ride on an amphibious land-to-water bus. Take a relaxing sunset cruise, see the historic castles of Sintra, then head to the golden beaches of the Algarve region. Sail to the wondrous Benagil Cave, learn to surf in the gentle waves, see friendly dolphins at play on a dolphin-watching tour, and pick clams straight from the waters of Ria Formosa Lagoon.

Family in Lisbon
Map of Family Fun in Portugal: Lisbon & Porto - 7 Days
Family Fun in Portugal: Lisbon & Porto - 7 Days

Take your family for a week-long adventure in Portugal, where you'll find the ultimate mix of sightseeing, nature, culture, history, and good food. Start in postcard-perfect Porto and finish in the colorful capital of Lisbon, squeezing in a few fun-filled day trips on the side. Wander the two cities, explore an underground cave system, unlock royal mysteries in Sintra, and spot dolphins in Arrábida Natural Park.

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