When traveling the 241 miles (388 km) from the mountain town of Azrou to the Saharan village of Merzouga, you will need to rely on a driver to get you there. The drive will take between six and seven hours. The route between the two towns is filled with beautiful desert landscapes, especially leaving Azrou. Private transfer is the best option for making the trip

By Private Transfer 

Duration: 5 hours, 45 minutes 

Private transfer is likely the most convenient and relaxing way to make the almost six-hour trip between Azrou and Merzouga, allowing flexible departure times and the option to explore and take photos wherever you choose along the route.

Among the points you might like to stop along the way include the forest leaving Azrou, which is filled with cedar trees and monkeys. The Ziz Valley (one of Morocco's must-visit regions), which you will pass through later, offers scenery of another sort: date palms, lush greenery, and old kasbahs. 

The charming village of Bleu de Meski is further along, and would make an excellent place to stop for coffee or a meal. The town is famous for its warm-water springs and the ruins of an old ksar, both of which you can see quickly as you stop for your refreshments. 

Also along the route is the market town of Rissani, and Erfoud, famous for its fossils—and a three-day date festival, if you happen to be traveling through in October.  

By Tourist Bus

Duration: 7 hours 

Another option when traveling from Azrou to Merzouga is to go by tourist bus. Supratours coaches leave early in the morning, and will have you in Merzouga by mid-day. Travelers should be aware that should they wish to stop for anything more than a quick break, the drivers do not typically stop so travelers can take photographs or experience any of the destinations along the way. Nevertheless, those with particularly large groups or those who for any other reason do not wish to travel by private transfer do have the option of taking the coach.


Map of How to Get from Azrou to Merzouga
Map of How to Get from Azrou to Merzouga