After exploring scenic Bergen, it’s a great time to escape to the quiet village of Flåm. Bergen is 104 miles (168 km) away from Flåm and there are multiple travel ways to get there.

The best way to get from Bergen to Flåm involves taking the famous Flåm Railway. Taking the train offers a unique way to travel the country of Norway and has picturesque scenery. You can also rent a car or hire a private transfer and drive or take the passenger ferry that will give you views from sea-level. 

This five-day itinerary Bergen, Flåm, and Hardangerfjord might be the perfect option if you’re looking for more of a guided tour. It includes an up-close and personal look at mountains and waterfalls as you cruise along the Hardangerfjord and a ride on Flåm Railway, which is one of the steepest train rides in the world.

By Train

Duration: 4 hours

Taking the train from Bergen stasjon to Flåm stasjon isn’t difficult, but it does take a bit longer than driving or taking the bus. This is because there isn’t a direct route to Flåm from Bergen. The train passes by multiple bodies of water, including the Vangsvatnet lake which will be on the left-hand side of the train. The train will take a route that is more scenic than driving because it can go through the mountainside and through those picturesque nature pieces that aren't on the main highways. 

From Myrdal, you'll transfer onto the Flåm Railway, which has been described as one of the scenic and naturally beautiful train rides in the world. Not only that, the Flåm Railway is an engineering marvel, climbing the steepest train tracks in the world. You'll go from mountain ranges to sea level as you descend into Flåm. 

By Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 2.5 hours

There’s something about renting a car and having the freedom to explore a country that makes this option so appealing.  It’s also the quickest option when you’re traveling from Bergen to Flåm. 

The best part of this drive is the incredible lake views and mountain ranges. The charming villages along the way are enough to make this 2.5-hour drive a lot longer as you fall in love with this beautiful country and stop to explore each one. Make a pit stop at lake Langavatnet or lake Evangervatnet, especially if you're passing through at sunrise or sunset. 

You’ll pass through the village of Gudvangan, which is filled with Viking history and surrounded by waterfalls. Gudvangan is the perfect rest stop to see and learn a lot of interesting Norwegian history.

Keep in mind that this trek does include toll roads, so ensure you know how to pay your tolls by checking with your rental company. There are also company's in Norway that offer a private transfer, which is a great way to take a road trip without having to worry about driving yourself. 

By Ferry

Duration: 5.5 hours

Another option that offers incredible scenery is taking the passenger ferry. This route does take a bit longer but is another option if you're looking to travel by boat. Keep in mind that the ferry only travels from Bergen to Flåm once a day, so you need to plan your trip accordingly as you could get stuck in Bergen if you miss your sail time.

You'll travel up the king of the fjords, the Sognefjord on your way to Flåm. Not only that, if the weather is cooperating, you can take pictures of the incredible mountain ranges cascading on both sides of the ferry. Not only that, the scenery changes so often that you'll never tire of the view of jaw-dropping waterfalls and rocky shores. This is one of the most relaxing ways to get to Flåm and it's not hard to see why as you're immersed in nature from sea-level. Don't forget to get your camera out to capture some stunning photos as keepsakes from your trip.


Map of How to Get from Bergen to Flåm
Map of How to Get from Bergen to Flåm