Bogotá and San Agustín aren't exactly close, but the 330 miles (532 km) that separate them are well worth transversing for the latter's UNESCO-designated archaeological park.

The fastest way to get to San Agustín is to hop on a chartered plane from Bogotá to Pitalito and then hire a car to take you the rest of the way. The whole journey should take about 2.5 hours. 

On the other hand, going by land takes around 9 hours. Needless to say, the most convenient way to go by land is to hire private transfer in Bogotá. You will be crossing the Andes Mountains, so having an experienced driver do all the work will make the trip much more enjoyable. It is not possible to rent a car in Bogotá and drop it off in San Agustín. 

You can also take a bus from Bogotá. It will likely make a 30 minute stop in Neiva, the departmental capital, before continuing to San Agustín. 

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By Air

Duration: 2:30 hours (1.5-hour flight plus 1-hour ground transfer)

If you wish to save time, we recommend taking a plane. You can fly from Bogotá to Pitalito on a small charter flight, usually serviced by Satena Airlines. The flight takes a short and sweet 1.5 hours. 

Once you have landed, you can hire a taxi or a private car to take you to San Agustín, which is only about an hour away. This is one of the most popular routes from Pitalito, so there will be plenty of cars willing to do the trip.

By Private Transfer

Duration: 9 hours

If time is on your side, and you wish to experience first hand the magic of driving through the Andes, hire a private car to take you. 

The road is long and you'll transition from the temperate mountains of Bogotá to the smoldering hot of Girardot and Neiva.

Ask your driver for recommendations on where to stop for food. Detouring to cities will provide the widest array of options. However, if you want to make the trip as fast as possible, roadside restaurants are they way to go. 

By Bus

Duration: 9:30-10 hours

Buses leave from Bogotá to San Agustín daily, with the frequency depending on whether you want to do a direct route or a connection. 

A direct route will most likely take you through Neiva, with a 30-minute stop in the city to stretch your legs and use the bathroom. 

If you don't find direct routes, you can simply take a direct bus to Neiva, then connect to a bus to San Agustín from here. Of course, this way necessitates a bit more time. 


Map of How to Get from Bogotá to San Agustin
Map of How to Get from Bogotá to San Agustin