Santa Cruz de Mompóx is 168 miles (271 km) away from Cartagena via roadways. Traveling here used to be more complicated, but thanks to some newly built bridges, there are now more direct options available to access this charming colonial city.

The least complicated way to get here is via a direct bus from Cartagena. The other options include a combination of a bus, a ferry, a small boat, and a taxi which can be time-consuming. You can also take a private transfer or your own rental car, but both would include crossing the Magdalena River on the ferry to a port called La Bodega and then continuing on the road to your final destination.

By Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 6 hours or more

The main benefit of hiring a private transfer or renting a car is that it would allow you the freedom to explore this area at your own pace. From Cartagena, your destination would be the ferry in Yatí, a town which is just 5 minutes from Magangué. This is where you’d want to cross the river via a ferry to arrive at a port called La Bodega. Ferry schedules can be inconsistent, so it’s best to call the day before and see if it’s even running. From La Bodega, you’d continue on the road to Mompox, which is about 45 minutes away. 

By Direct Bus

Duration: 6 hours or more

The most simple transportation method is to take a direct non-stop bus from Cartagena to Santa Cruz de Mompóx. Unitranco is the name of the bus company and it drives route three times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and at night. It usually takes 6 hours and 30 minutes to reach Santa Cruz de Mompóx. 

By Colectivo to Magangué then by Ferry/Boat/Taxi

Duration: 8 hours or more

This method is only recommended for the truly adventurous, as this transportation method is very time-consuming can be somewhat confusing. You would first want to take a Colectivo or minibus to Magangué, which takes about 5 to 6 hours.

Then, at the port you’d take a ferry or what the locals refer to as a "Chalupa" or motorboat taxi along the Magdalena River to La Bodega port, which takes about 15 minutes. From La Bodega, take a taxi to Mompox which takes approximately 45 minutes. Again, this way could be very slow since most transportation methods wait to depart until they are completely full of passengers before they leave. 


Map of How to Get from Cartagena to Mompóx
Map of How to Get from Cartagena to Mompóx