There are 525 miles (844 km) between the Caribbean city of Cartagena and Pereira, the heart of Colombia's coffee-growing region. There are two transit options, but the quickest is a 90-minute flight.

If you would prefer not to fly, you can hop on a direct bus, although this option does add almost 20 hours of extra travel time.

When you arrive in Pereira, you can join a 6-day trek through the coffee region and visit the Cocora Valley, home to the tallest wax palms in the world. Or check out this 14-day itinerary if you'd like to spend time in colonial coffee towns like Salento before heading to the Amazon.

By Plane

Duration: 1.5 hours

You can fly directly from Cartagena's Rafael Núñez International Airport to Pereira, whose smaller Matecaña International Airport is conveniently located within the city. Numerous flights leave for Pereira each day, and the route is covered by both national and international airlines. With merely 90 minutes of travel, this is a great choice if you wish to make the most of your time in the region.

Once you get off the plane, you can hire a driver at the airport and arrive in the city center in just 15 minutes. 

By Bus

Duration: 21 hours

The longest option is an intercity bus, but there are plenty of options to be found at the Transport Terminal in Cartagena. When you arrive at the terminal, look for a company that advertises routes to Pereira, and make sure to shop around to compare prices and travel times from different companies. 

The buses for this route are usually large, comfortable, and well-equipped with air conditioning, but you'll have to rely on the driver's scheduled stops, so take your own food and drink.


Map of How to Get from Cartagena to Pereira
Map of How to Get from Cartagena to Pereira