The distance from County Cork to County Clare is about 80 miles (129 km). The most comfortable way to get from one to the other is by private transfer or rental car as it's a 1.5-hour drive. There is no flight service between the two counties, but another option is to take a bus/train combo. 

With so much natural beauty and culture to take in, consider the 7-day itinerary to take in many things like the Cliffs of Moher and Galway Bay among other must-sees. If you are traveling with family, take advantage of this 7-day family-friendly itinerary.  On this trip, you and your family will enjoy everything from falconry to biking through medieval towns. 

By Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 1.5 hours, more with stops

Private drivers are easily found in County Cork but you can also rent your own car. Beware of narrow country roads and passing sheep—a smaller rental car is your best bet.

Getting from County Cork to County Clare takes about 1.5 hours along highways N20, M20, N18, and M18. The route from County Cork to County Clare is very scenic, as you will be driving through verdant green countryside and farmland. Consider a stop in Limerick to see the Thomond Bridge and King John's Castle on the River Shannon. Make sure to try Limerick ham before you go—developed in the town of Limerick, this is a ham that is smoked over juniper branches, cured, boiled in hard cider, and then baked to crisp it.

Once you've had your fill, hop back on N18 to continue to your destination.

By Bus/Train

Duration: 4 hours

There is the option to take a combination of buses and trains from County Cork to County Clare, although there are a few transfers and in the best-case scenario will take 4 hours (depending on transfers aligning). 

The bus company is called Bus Éireann and it runs 4-5 days a week. Take the 243 bus to Mallow Town Park where you will transfer to bus 51 which you will take to Limerick. At Limerick, you will transfer to a train run by the Irish Rail and departs every three hours. 


Map of How to Get from County Cork to County Clare
Map of How to Get from County Cork to County Clare