The Dingle Peninsula—one of Ireland’s most scenic regions—is 213 miles (342 km) southwest of Dublin. The most convenient and fastest way to make the journey between the two is by car, either rental or private transfer. Many opt to stay in the colorful village of Dingle Town.

Despite the distance, the drive only takes about four hours, sticking mostly to highways M7/N21. If you have time to extend your trip, you can reach Dingle via the scenic southern region of Ireland as suggested in this 7-day road trip.

You can also opt for public transportation, with the fastest option (five hours) combining the regional bus with the train. You’ll connect twice before hopping on a bus the rest of the way to Dingle Town.

If you’d rather take the bus the entire way, your journey will increase to 5.5 hours. But the route—a combination of private and regional bus services—is slightly more convenient because it requires just one connection.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 4 hours, more with stops

The quickest and most convenient way to reach the Dingle Peninsula from Dublin is by rental car or private transfer. The route mostly sticks to the M7/N21 highways, making a line directly southwest of Dublin. Because you’ll follow the highway, the drive isn’t particularly scenic. But on a clear day, you may catch glimpses of the Wicklow Mountains as you leave Dublin, plus plenty of rolling green hills along the way.

As you make your way through the Midlands Region, you’ll pass by and through many historical villages, including Kildare (with its world-famous horse racing), Portlaoise, and Roscrea. The city of Limerick is an excellent stopping point for some lunch or a coffee. There is plenty to see in Limerick, including King John’s Castle and St. John’s Cathedral.

The small village of Adare is also worth a stop, as it’s home to some of Ireland’s most beautiful traditional thatched cottages, as well as Adare Manor. After you pass through Tralee, you’ll transition to road N86 all the way to Dingle Town.

By Train and Bus

Duration: 5 hours

If you prefer public transportation, the fastest way to make the trip is to combine the train with the regional bus. The train departs Dublin’s Heuston station and connects in Mallow before arriving in Tralee—the transportation hub of the Dingle Peninsula. From here, you can easily hop on a bus the rest of the way to Dingle Town. These routes are operated by Bus Éireann—Ireland’s regional bus service—and take just under one hour.

By Bus

Duration: 5.5 hours

Taking the bus the entire route is the longest option, but only connects once in Tralee. It’s best to think of the journey in two legs: Dublin to Tralee (via the private company Dublin Coach), and Tralee to Dingle (via Bus Éireann). In total, the journey takes about 5.5 hours.


Map of How to Get from Dublin to the Dingle Peninsula
Map of How to Get from Dublin to the Dingle Peninsula