The 52-mile (83 km) drive from Fes to Azrou may be short, but it has more stunning scenery and interesting detours than its close proximity might suggest. Travelers will likely want to travel between the two cities by private transfer so they have the option to stop along the way to take photographs, enjoy the scenery, and explore. A bus is also available, though it is a significantly less convenient option.

By Private Transfer 

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes 

Traveling by private transfer, you will have to make the decision of which of two roughly equidistant routes you would like your driver to take. You may choose to travel along the N13 route, which will take you past the Ifrane National Park, or the N8 route, which will take you through the towns of Imouzzer Kandar and Ifrane. 

Travelers taking the N13 route will want to stop in the Ifrane National Park, which is a part of the Middle Atlas mountain range. The park is famous for its cedar trees, and for the Barbary Macaque, an endangered species of primate. Depending on your schedule, you may wish to have your driver take you along various parts of the park, where you may also see wild pigs and wolves. 

Those opting for the N8 route will have the option of stopping in the old French town of Imouzzer Kandar, where European-influenced architecture, a lovely waterfall, and cedar trees offer a cooling respite from the heat of much of the rest of Morocco, as well as a change to experience a leisurely pace of life. Further along is Ifrane, which has chalet-style architecture, due to the presence of nearby ski lodges and snow-capped mountains. 

By Bus

Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes 

Those would like the experience of taking a local bus in Morocco—perhaps in order to connect in this way with the local population—may opt do so on the straightforward and relatively short trip from Fes to Azrou by public CTM bus. This is not a particularly convenient or comfortable mode of transport. 


Map of How to Get from Fes to Azrou
Map of How to Get from Fes to Azrou