Those traveling from the city of Fes to the Saharan oasis town of Erfoud have several options when deciding how to make the 253-mile (408 km) trip. Which option travelers choose will likely depend on whether they would prefer to budget more time for the journey and consider fewer logistics, or whether they don't mind using two modes of transportation to save a few hours. A combination of flight and private car transfer is the most convenient option (4.5 hours in total), though it's also possible to do the route as a full-day road trip through the desert with many scenic stops. 

By Plane and Private Transfer 

Duration: 4 hours, 30 minutes 

Those who want to get between Fes and Erfoud in the shortest amount of time will want to consider using a combination of plane and car. You would first take a flight from Fes to the closest airport to Erfoud, which is in Errachiada. From Errachiada, book a private transfer or taxi to Erfoud, which should take approximately one hour. 

By Private Transfer 

Duration: 6 hours, 30 minutes 

Travelers who don't mind adding more time to make the journey should consider making the whole journey by private transfer, as there are several scenic and interesting spots to stop along the way. 

Leaving Fes, you will pass olive groves and palm trees, but then relatively quickly find yourself in a different climate entirely. The ski town of Ifrane along the way is full of chalets, restaurants, and often snow. The architecture is modeled on that found in the Swiss and German Alps—a fascinating juxtaposition so close to the desert climate and architecture of much of the rest of Morocco. 

Further along the journey you will pass through cedar, pine, and oak forests. Morocco is particularly known for its cedar, so this is an excellent opportunity to see some of its very large cedar trees up close. 

You may wish to stop in the town of Midelt for lunch. Midelt has several restaurants to choose from, but the real reason to stop there is to enjoy your meal with the stunning views of the High Atlas the town is known for. You will then pass through the Ziz Gorge, with palm trees that offer a striking contrast with the snow of Ifrane—and finally, gorges closer to Errachiada, full of madjool dates. 


Map of How to Get from Fes to Erfoud
Map of How to Get from Fes to Erfoud