Getting to the quaint village of Flåm from Norway's major cities is relatively easy.

Whether you're leaving from Oslo, or Bergen, there are many great transit options that will provide wonderful views of Norway's scenery.

To hit all the major stops in Norway, consider this 14-day itinerary that includes a day in Flåm, a tour of Bergen, a gondola ride in Tromsø, reindeer sledding in the Arctic Circle, a day in Oslo's hippest neighborhoods, and more.

From Oslo

Duration: 2.5-6.5 hours

The fastest way to get to Flåm is a 55-minute flight from Oslo Airport (OSL) to Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen (SOG). From the Sogndal Airport, you'll have to hire a private transfer or take a bus to complete the remaining 43-mile (70 km) trip to Flåm.

A private transfer will include a ferry ride and a drive through the world’s largest road tunnel, the Lærdal Tunnel. You will also wind alongside the Aurlandsfjord as you arrive into Flåm. This takes about an hour and a half.

If you take a bus from the Sogndal, you'll need to board the VY450 at Sogndal Skysstasjon. The bus ride will be a little under two hours and can take up to 30 stops along the way to Flåm.

Another option is to hire a private transfer or rent a car to drive from Oslo directly to Flåm. The 4.5-hour drive along E16 shows off the stunning Krøderen, a lake that stretches 25 miles. After driving through the Lærdalstunnelen, you can make a quick stop at the Stegastein Viewpoint for one of the best views in Norway. 

While the train is the longest way to get to Flåm at 6.5 hours total, it does offer views you can’t get from flying or driving. The mountains and give the train passengers stunning scenery. Not only that, you'll be able to take a ride on the world-famous Flåm Railway, an engineering marvel that climbs the steepest train tracks in the world. Taking the train from Oslo Station, you will be on that train for about five hours till you get to Myrdal. In Myrdal, you’ll make a transfer to finish off your trip to Flåm. 

From Bergen 

Duration: 2.5-5.5 hours

The train isn't the quickest way to Flåm, taking 4 hours total, but it is more scenic than driving because it can go through the mountainside and through those picturesque areas that aren't on the main highways. You can take the train from Bergen Stasjon to Myrdal, and then you'll transfer to the Flåm Railway.

You can also hire a private transfer or rent a car in Bergen and make the drive to Flåm in two and a half hours. The charming villages along the way make this journey along highway E16 well worth it, as you'll be well-served by stopping to explore any of them. Be sure to make a pit stop at lakes Langavatnet or Evangervatnet, especially if you're passing through at sunrise or sunset. 

Another option is taking the passenger ferry, although this route does take more than five hours. Keep in mind that the ferry only travels from Bergen to Flåm once a day, so you need to plan your trip accordingly as you could get stuck in Bergen if you miss your sail time. During this float, you'll travel up the king of the fjords, the Sognefjord

For a trip that includes four overnights in Bergen along with a journey to Flåm along the famous Flåm Railway, and a boat ride to a majestic waterfall, check out this 5-day itinerary.


Map of How to Get to Flåm
Map of How to Get to Flåm