One of the best ways to reach Colombia’s Amazon Rainforest is to travel to Leticia, a remote but charming town close in proximity to both Brazil and Peru. Today, it is only possible to reach Leticia by plane—the tiny (but important) airport here is the main gateway from the Amazon region to the rest of Colombia and both neighboring counties. There are direct flights from Bogotá daily. Satena Airlines also has direct routes to some tiny Amazonian airports to reach the towns of La Chorrera, La Pedrera, and Tarapacá.

From Leticia, you can visit a number of attractions in the Amazon via boat. To the west lie a large number of indigenous communities and ecotourism parks. Close to Leticia, you can also find Amacayacu National Park which is found within Colombian borders. Consider this 7-day Amazon itinerary, which includes a stay in a rainforest treehouse at Reserva Natural Tanimbuca

From Bogotá

Duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes

Bogotá El Dorado Airport (BOG) has two direct flights to Leticia’s Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport (LET). LATAM and Avianca Airlines have direct routes on a daily basis and the route takes a little over two hours.

From Medellín

Duration: 3+ hours

There are two airports in Medellín; Jose Marie Cordova Airport (MDE) and Enrique Olaya Herrera airport (EOH). There are no direct flights from either airport to Leticia. Both MDE and EOH flight routes make a layover in Bogotá’s El Dorado Airport (BOG) before connecting to another flight, making the total flight time 3 hours and 10 minutes. Flight routes connecting to BOG are serviced by Colombia’s domestic airlines, specifically Satena, LATAM, and Avianca Airlines on a daily basis.

From Cali

Duration: 3 hours

To reach the Amazon from other major cities in Colombia, like Cali, you’ll have to make a connecting flight through BOG first. Flights depart from Aeropuerto Internacional Alfonso Bonilla Aragón de Palmira (CLO). After a short layover in BOG, you’ll arrive in LET in a little over 3 hours.

Leticia's airport is just a few kilometers north of town. To get to your accommodation, taxis and moto-taxis are available outside of the airport for an affordable price.