Split is Croatia's second biggest city and the main link to the southern Dalmatian Islands—and it's especially easy to get to from Hvar thanks to frequent ferry connections. There are both passenger and car ferries linking Hvar to Split. Passenger ferries are the faster option, and travelers who aren't driving can take either type of ferry.

Private boat transfers are the quickest and most convenient way to get to Split from Hvar, and are more expensive than taking a ferry. Travelers planning a tour of south Croatia may be tempted by this 8-day Split to Dubrovnik itinerary, which takes in Split, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Hvar Island, and Dubrovnik.

By Passenger Ferry

Duration: 50 minutes - 2.5 hours

This is the most convenient and economical way to travel to Split from Hvar Town's centrally located port. The ferry company Jadrolinija has up to eight departures a day during the high season. The other company is Krilo, with up to six ferries running every day to Split. The crossing can take 50-60 minutes.

There are also ferry services to Split from Stari Grad and Jelsa but the journey takes longer. There are up to six ferries a day from Stari Grad, taking two hours to reach Split. There's one early morning passenger ferry service from Jelsa with a journey time of one hour and 40 minutes. These towns are connected by bus: it's 30-45 minutes to Stari Grad and 35-50 minutes to Jelsa from Hvar Town.

Passenger ferries can fill up quickly in the summer, so it's a good idea to book in advance.

By Private Boat Transfer

Duration: 40-60 minutes

The quickest and most convenient way to get to Split is by private boat transfer. This is also the most expensive option. There are many private boat companies advertising their transfer services in Hvar Town. Your hotel may also provide boat transfer service, or you can book with your local specialist

By Car and Car Ferry

Duration: 2.5-4.5 hours

This is the only way to reach Split if you're traveling by rental car. There are two car ferry services linking the island to Split. The faster and more convenient option is to take the ferry from Stari Grad, a 25- to 35-minute drive from Hvar Town. There are up to six departures a day in the high season and the ferry ride to Split takes two hours.

The other option is to drive to Sucuraj (90 minutes away) where there are up to ten ferries departing every day in the high season to Drvenik on the mainland. The crossing takes 35 minutes. From Drvenik, the drive to Split takes at least one hour and 45 minutes.


Map of How to Get from Hvar to Split
Map of How to Get from Hvar to Split
Updated Jun 15, 2019