Leticia is not only the capital of Colombia's Amazonas department, it is also considered the most laid back major city in the entire Amazon

You don't really get from Leticia to the Amazon because, well, the town is actually nestled within the rainforest. As such, it is the perfect gateway for excursions both by boat or by foot to destinations like Monkey Island and Puerto Nariño. You can also easily cross over to Peru and Brazil—no passport required!

If you want to get deep within the rainforest itself, there are only two ways: by boat or on foot. Boats take you up and down the Amazon River, and are the perfect transport for one-day excursions.

Traveling by foot allows you to get a more intimate experience of the places that are harder to reach. Of course, you need a guide to venture within the Lungs of the Earth. Trips usually range from one to six days. 

Explore this unique region for 7 days as you travel to some of the Amazon's most famous attractions. You can also play up contrasts on this 10-day trip and add the urbanity of Bogotá and the colorful architecture of Cartagena to your jungle adventure.

By Boat

Duration: 1 day

Traveling by boat is the most convenient way to explore the Amazon if you have limited time. You will get to see the attractions around Leticia, as well as native species like the piranha and the pink dolphin (which is actually a whale subspecies). 

Boats are also best for people who wish to spend the night back in civilization rather than in the rainforest itself. This doesn't mean that you won't get an immersive Amazon experience—you will still see parts of the jungle that are not reachable by land, and be able to visit and support some of the indigenous communities that guard the forest. 

On Foot

Duration: 1-6 days

Trekking through the Amazon is not for the faint of heart. Whether you arrive in wet or dry season won't change the fact that there will always be mosquitos zooming around and that the heat and humidity are always past most people's levels of comfort. 

But the discomfort brings as a reward an experience that you cannot get anywhere else on earth. If you are the adventurous type, we recommend spending at least 3 days walking through the forest with a trusted guide and group. You can camp at night, stay in indigenous communities or live alternative luxury at some of the few eco hotels located within the jungle itself.

You will also be able to learn about different species and see the various ecosystems that have formed within this massive rainforest.