From Lima it is an easy option to travel south along the coast through the desert to the Nazca Lines, the fascinating 300-odd geometric figures, or geoglyphs, mysteriously etching the desert near the city of Nazca. Travel is usually first to Nazca city, by either private transfer or bus, and then to the Nazca Lines by plane or bus from there (because even though you pass through the Nazca Lines on the way from Lima to Nazca it is not convenient to get off and see them with all your luggage!)

Nazca is a 7-8 hours drive from Lima and a convenient stopping point to destinations further east, like Cusco, or further south, like Arequipa.

By Private Transfer and Plane

Duration: 7-8 hours

This is the quickest way of getting from Lima to Nazca. Nazca's position on the Carretera Panamericana Sur, within an easy weekend trip south from the capital, makes booking a private transfer a good option for many travelers. The road here is also one of the best in Peru. Nazca is commonly factored into a trip with Pisco, the Paracas Reserve, and often Ica. Nazca is slightly too far from Lima to do a day trip here, so if you wish to visit you would need to overnight in Pisco/Paracas or Ica along the way. Overnight stops are not included in the above travel time

Traveling like this, you can stop off at the viewing tower about 30 minutes' drive north of Nazca to see some of the Nazca Lines on the way to Nazca (no plane needed). If you want to see a far greater view of Nazca Lines, continue to Nazca first and then book a flight over the Nazca Lines. Most people tend to fly over the Nazca Lines to get the best possible view, and several airlines offering flights have central booking offices, including Aeroparacas. Flight time is around 30 minutes. 

By Bus and Plane

Duration: 8-9 hours

Buses run at least hourly throughout the day/week from Lima to Nazca. Bus companies plying the Lima-Nazca route include luxury operator Cruz del Sur, who have around 18 daily departures from their Javier Prado terminal at all times of the day. Most buses are direct; you can also change in Pisco or Ica.

From Nazca, there are two options to see the Nazca Lines. You can catch a bus 30 minutes north along the Carretera Panamaericana Sur to the viewing tower, from where you can see a limited selection of Nazca Lines. You can also book a flight over the Nazca Lines with a tour operator in Nazca city, as per the above option.  


Map of How to Get from Lima to the Nazca Lines
Map of How to Get from Lima to the Nazca Lines