The city of Medellín and the small town of Bahía Solano are 125 miles (202 km) apart, and you can only reach this untouched area of the rainforest by plane.

Bahía Solana is a gem of the Chocó region in the Colombian Pacific that has been protected from overtourism and overdevelopment.

There is usually one direct flight from Medellín's Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) each day, and the journey takes one hour.

If you're interested in Bahía Solano's whale watching, renowned scuba diving, or nearby hot springs, consider this 5-day itinerary that starts and ends in Medellín. For a trip that includes more time of the Pacific Coast and its pristine scenery, you can also join this 10-day tour that takes you to Utría National Park, the peaceful village of Nuquí, and more.

By Plane

Duration: 1 hour

One of Colombia's government-run airlines, SATENA, has planes that fly to Bahía Solano five days a week. You'll leave from Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport, which is located very close to the city center, and go straight to the José Celestino Mutis Airport (BSC) in Bahía Solano. 

You can also ask your local specialist about booking with San German Airlines, a smaller company that occasionally offers flights to Bahía Solano as well.

The planes that take this route are usually quite small, so you can expect gorgeous views during your flight.


Map of How to Get from Medellín to Bahía Solano
Map of How to Get from Medellín to Bahía Solano