Traveling from the small Moroccan town of Merzouga in the Sahara Desert to the Torda Gorge in the Atlas Mountains is a common travel route for those looking to go slightly off the beaten path of Morocco's major cities to see its natural wonders. The only way to go is a very scenic 3-hour journey by car—typically via taxi or private driver. 

By Private Transfer or Taxi

Duration: 3 hours 

Many travelers opt to hire a private driver or a taxi to make the journey between Merzouga and Todra Gorge.

Travelers may want to carve out time to explore along the way include kasbahs, old military stations, and the city of Ouarzazate. Additionally, the arrival into Todra Gorge is full of spectacular scenery—dramatic red cliffs rising out of the earth—which travelers will likely want to stop to appreciate. 

For those who wish to travel by taxi, there will actually be two taxis required: the first will be to take a "petit taxi" (a small car that can typically fit only three travelers) from Merzouga to Hassilabied. In Hassilabied, travelers will ask for a "grand taxi" (which can fit up to six travelers) to make the longer journey to Todra Gorge. 

If you'd like to skip the hassle of switching taxis in Hassilabied, you can ask your hotel in Merzouga to arrange for a grand taxi to come and pick you up to take you directly to Todra Gorge. 

The majority of the journey through the Sahara will be relatively flat and easy terrain. However, the approach to Todra Gorge does feature several winding roads, some without guardrails, so passengers will want to prepare themselves for a bit of an adventure in the backseat as they approach their destination.


Map of How to Get from Merzouga to Todra Gorge
Map of How to Get from Merzouga to Todra Gorge