The distance between the Greek islands of Mykonos and Tinos is 16 miles (26 km). The most convenient way to travel to Tinos is by ferry, which departs from the old harbor of Mykonos. The fast ferry takes 20 minutes, while the slow ferry takes 35 minutes.

During the high season (mid-June through mid-September), ferries run daily between Mykonos and Tinos and are operated from morning until the afternoon. Note that ferry schedules are much more limited during the low season (mid-September through mid-June), so be sure to check that the ferry is running on the dates you need if traveling during that time.

For a more private and luxurious experience, you can charter a private yacht or catamaran from Mykonos to Tinos. Many companies offer day trips to Tinos, which includes a full 10-hour day out on the yacht to explore the island. You can also book a "hop on, hop off" trip in which you can disembark on Tinos. This is a far more expensive option than the daily ferries from Mykonos to Tinos. 

While island-hopping from Mykonos to Tinos, consider this 14-day itinerary, which covers Mykonos and Tinos as well as Athens and the islands of Santorini and Crete. Alternately, if you're an ancient history buff, you can check out this 10-day itinerary, which includes Tinos and Mykonos as well as Athens and the island of Naxos.

By Fast Ferry

Duration: 20 minutes

There are many ferry options between Mykonos and its neighboring island, Tinos—particularly during the summertime, when up to 10 ferries run a day between these islands. Fast Ferries and Golden Star are two companies that operate these high-speed hydrofoil ferries. Be sure to book in advance to get a seat if traveling during the summer.

Economy and business tickets are available for these ferries. Note that if bringing a car or motorbike, your ticket price will increase based on the size of the vehicle. The ride in these ferries can get quite bumpy, so consider taking a slower vessel if you're prone to seasickness.

By Slow Ferry

Duration: 35 minutes 

If you're interested in a little extra time taking in the refreshing ocean air and views, consider booking the slower ferry from Mykonos to Tinos. These ferries take 35 minutes and include more outdoor space than the high-speed ferries. Tickets range from economy seats to a private cabin for those looking for extra space and privacy.

If buying an economy ticket, it’s suggested that you book a “numbered seat” as the deck/lounge ticket option does not include a guaranteed seat. 

By Private Boat 

Duration: 30 minutes - 10 hours

If you are seeking a more exclusive experience, private yachts and catamarans are available to take you from Mykonos to Tinos. Possibilities abound for day trips to Tinos if you are interested in swimming, eating and exploring the island's beaches with friends or family. You can also customize a trip to drop you off in Tinos.

You can charter a private boat for you and your travel mates or a semi-private one, in which you share the boat with other travelers. This is a far more expensive option than the ferries as these trips are inclusive (with food, linens and some activities included). 


Map of How to Get from Mykonos to Tinos
Map of How to Get from Mykonos to Tinos