The best way to get from Oslo to Aurland involves taking the famous Flåm Railway and then taking the bus or a ferry. The fastest way to get to Aurland from Oslo, which is 189 miles (314 km) away, is by taking a quick flight before driving and taking a ferry. While it might sound complicated to take three different methods of transportation, it’s quite simple. Alternatively, you can drive the entire way and skip flying. This takes longer, but you will be able to see some marvelous Nordic countryside, mountains, and fjords. 

The seven-day Classic Autumn Fjord Adventure itinerary is a great option for anyone looking to explore Oslo, Aurland, and Bergen. This trip features a hike up to Stegastein Viewpoint for breathtaking vistas and a remarkable fjordcruise.

By Train/Bus or Ferry

Duration: 6.5 hours

Taking the train, is a great way for you to kick back and see the Nordic countryside you can't see from the road. While it does take longer than driving yourself, on the train, you'll be able to see quite a few amazing sights along the way. At the start of your travels, you'll catch a train from Oslo to Myrdal. This train will pass by the unique Hallingskarvet National Park, so ensure that you're sitting on the right side of the cabin order to get the best view.  

From Myrdal, you'll transfer onto the Flåm Railway, which has been described as one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful train rides in the world. Not only that, the Flåm Railway is an engineering marvel, climbing the steepest train tracks in the world. You'll go from mountain ranges to sea level as you descend into Flåm. 

The last portion of the trek will feature a 20-minute bus ride into Aurland. The bus will glide alongside the Aurlandsfjord, so make sure you sit on the left side to get full views. If the bus isn't for you, you can also get on a ferry that will float down the Aurlandsfjord, giving you views from the water.

This is another scenic tour and you will never tire of the mesmerizing mountains and the fascinating fjords and lakes. 

By Plane/Car or Private Transfer/Ferry

Duration: 2.5 hours

Taking the quick 55-minute flight over to Sogndal Municipality helps cut this trip in half. When you reach Sogndal Municipality, rent a car to complete the remaining distance to Aurland. On clear days, during the flight over you’ll be able to spot mountain ranges and memorable sights of the fjords.

After landing and picking up your rental car or meeting your driver, take the Rv5 to the ferry. Take the Mannheller-Fodnes/Rv5 ferry and meet back up with the Rv5. When you get to Lærdal, you'll take the world’s largest road tunnel, the Lærdalstunnelen

While driving, you’ll pass by Tissedalsvatnet which is a beautiful lake. You’ll want to plan a rest stop so you can pull over and grab a picture here. Finally, drive alongside the Aurlandsfjord until you make your arrival into Aurland.

By Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 4.5 hours

The drive to Aurland from Oslo is filled with breathtaking scenery but it also is a bit complicated and does take some time. You'll take the E16, which will wind alongside the Tyrifjorden on the left-hand side. If you have time, plan to stop at the Tyrifjorden and take in its natural beauty.

After the town of Tolpinrud, stop at the Veien Kulturminnepark. The museum filled with archeological discoveries and longhouses that have been standing since the turn of the century can be found here. Another great resting place to include is Hallingdalselva, which is a river in Norway that's often called 'The Great River.' You won't be able to miss this river on the right side of the highway and is a great place to grab some pictures.

Just after Hallingdalselva, you will pass by the town of Gol. The road will then wind through mountain ranges and you don’t miss the optimal lake shots along the way. Right before Aurland, you’ll be able to see the Aurlandsfjord.

You can also hire a private transfer so they can focus on navigating the roads while you take in the views. Keep in mind that this trek does include toll roads, so ensure you know how to pay your tolls by checking with your rental company.


Map of How to Get from Oslo to Aurland
Map of How to Get from Oslo to Aurland