The distance between Paros in the Cyclades and Rhodes in the Dodecanese is 176 miles (283 km).

It’s rare to find direct flights running between Greek islands, and the route from Paros to Rhodes is no exception. However, you do have the option of flying with a transfer through Athens. This is the fastest option, although flight availability is sporadic.

There’s also no direct way to get between the two islands by sea, unless you have private water transport. You’ll have to get a ferry from Paros to another island, and then travel onward to Rhodes. 

Once you get to Rhodes, there’s lots to see, from medieval architecture to white-sand beaches. If you’re eager to experience even more of the Dodecanese, you can do so with this four-day sailing itinerary

By Plane

Duration: 4 hours

It’s challenging to find connecting flights from Paros to Rhodes. However, if you’re lucky, you may find a flight that works for your travel dates.

Several airlines operate flights on this route, with layovers in Athens. The flight from Paros to Athens takes 40 minutes, and from Athens to Rhodes takes one hour. It’s a good idea to double-check how long your layover will be, as connections can be as short as half an hour⁠—this may be a bit of a rush when trying to catch your second flight.

By Ferry

Duration: one day or more

You can also get from Paros to Rhodes by traveling to an island between them, and then catching another ferry to your final destination.

There are several islands where you could stop off, including Crete or Astypalea, among others. But one of the most popular islands in this area is Santorini (Thira)

Several ferries leave daily from Paros to Santorini. Ferries can be booked in advance, or at the port. 

You can bring cars on certain ferries for an additional fee. However, some rental companies won’t allow you to transport cars between islands, so be sure to check with your company if you intend to bring a car with you.

All ferries leave from Paros’ main port, in the center of Paros Town. Most sail in the late morning and afternoon, and take 2-3 hours to make the journey.

There are plenty of sights to check out on Santorini, like Oia’s iconic buildings or the ruins of Akrotiri. It’s worth spending a day or two on the island, if you have time—the ferries to Rhodes don’t leave until early in the morning, so you’ll need to stay at least one night.

When you’re ready to make your way to Rhodes, you can catch another ferry from Santorini’s port. There are only a few ferries per week, so it’s worth booking in advance. High-speed ferries can take as little as eight hours, while the regular ferry takes 21 hours.


Map of How to Get from Paros to Rhodes
Map of How to Get from Paros to Rhodes