As two of the most important cities in the coffee region, Pereira and Manizales are popular destinations. You can get from one to the other in just an hour by land, which makes hiring a private transfer or renting a car your best options. 

It's also possible to go by air. However, given the small size of both airports and the proximity of the cities, there are no direct flights between them. This means that you'll have to connect in either Bogotá or Medellín

You can also take the bus, which will get you to your destination in around an hour and a half. These buses leave fairly often, as the route is one of the most frequented in the region. 

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By Private Transfer

Duration: 1 hour

If you're looking for comfort and convenience, hiring a private car would be a great idea. Since the distance is short, there is a myriad of companies to choose from and you can get a car that best fits the size of your travel party. 

There are no major towns in between these cities, but there are plenty of haciendas you can visit if you wish you take a detour. Of course, you will have to let the driver know beforehand if you wish to do this. 

By Car

Duration: 1 hour

It is possible to rent a car in Pereira and drop it off in Manizales. However, given the relatively small size of the cities, you might have to spend some time looking before you find a company that allows this course of action.

In terms of driving, the road is mountainous but fairly well-kept, and the distance is so short that you will breeze through the trip with no issues. 

Having a car also makes it possible to stop by and tour different coffee farms along the road. 

By Air

Duration: 3-5 hours (two 1-hour flights, plus 1-3 hour layover)

Because the cities are so close by land, most people simply avoid air travel between them. However, if you absolutely wish to, you can take a flight to Manizales. 

There are no direct routes between the cities, so you will need to do a layover in Bogotá or Medellín. Travel time varies depending on which city you connect in and the length of the layover, but the trip should usually take around 3-5 hours.

By Bus

Duration: 1.5 hours

Another popular way to reach Manizales from Pereira is by taking a bus. The trip is short and buses leave every 15-20 minutes, from early in the morning to late at night. 

Of course, taking this option means having to also get to the bus terminal in Pereira and then your accommodation in Manizales. However, distances tend to be short in both cities due to their size, so it is easy and cost-effective to take a taxi. 


Map of How to Get from Pereira to Manizales
Map of How to Get from Pereira to Manizales