Porto and the ancient city of Braga are 34 miles (55 km) apart, and the best way to make this short journey is by a direct Comboios de Portugal train.

If you'd like to go by car, you'll have more freedom, but your route will have tolls, and it'll requite a bit more planning than simply hopping on the train.

There's also a direct bus that departs every hour, although it will add an additional 20 minutes to your travel time.

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By Train

Duration: 40 minutes

You can get on a Comboios de Portugal train at Campanhã Station that will take you directly to Braga in about 40 minutes. It's best to buy tickets ahead of time online, but you can also purchase them at the station.

There are both first- and second-class carriages, so be sure to pay attention to the amenities offered with each ticket which include things like wifi, charging ports, newspapers, and refreshments. 

By Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 45 minutes

If you hire a private driver or rent your own car, you'll take the A3 to Braga, and the drive will take about 45 minutes without any stops.

This route does have tolls, so if you get your own car, be sure to ask the rental company for a special prepaid pass that will allow you to take the fast lane through them. Most toll booths do not take cash, so be sure to have a card on hand if you don't get a pass.

By Bus

Duration: 1 hour

Direct Rede Expressos buses to Braga are available all day, and they leave every hour. You can buy tickets ahead of time online or at the bus terminal. The buses are modern and comfortable, and each one has free wifi and charging ports available.


Map of How to Get from Porto to Braga
Map of How to Get from Porto to Braga