San Gil, the adventure capital of Colombia, and Barichara, one of the country's prettiest colonial towns, are only 13 miles (22 km) apart. 

The best way to get to Barichara is via private transfer as the drive is about half an hour. 

You can also take a bus or a shared van called a colectivo. There are not many places to stop in between these two destinations, so the trip is still a relatively short 45-minute ride, but you won't have much room for baggage. 

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By Private Transfer

Duration: 35 minutes

The easiest way to get to Barichara is to take a private transfer. A local specialist can coordinate with drivers and help you book the best option.

A private driver will take you safely to your destination in Barichara and drop you either in the middle of the town or straight at the door to your accommodation, and this is a big perk as it can be difficult to walk on the old cobblestone streets while carrying heavy bags. 

By Bus or Colectivo

Duration: 45 minutes

There are two bus stops in San Gil, so you may have to ask locals to direct you to the correct Terminal de Transportes de San Gil. If you don't speak Spanish, this option might not be the right choice.

If your bus terminates in bigger cities like Tunja or Bogotá, then you will probably get a more comfortable bus, but some local buses won't always have air conditioning. Since the climate in this mountainous region is temperate, it is not always necessary, but it could be a stuffy ride in the middle of summer.

The colectivo vans can be faster than the buses, and they tend to depart more frequently, but there is no set schedule. Depending on how many people are traveling in the area on a given day, the van might also be cramped and uncomfortable for travelers with a lot of baggage, so this might not be the best option for larger parties. The van ride can also be quite bumpy and challenging for any travelers who are prone to motion sickness, so keep this in mind.




Map of How to Get from San Gil to Barichara
Map of How to Get from San Gil to Barichara