The cities of Split and Ston are both popular tourist destinations on Croatia's Dalmatian coast. With a distance of 121 miles (195 km) separating them, the fastest and most convenient way to make the trip is by private transfer or rental car. 

It's also possible to travel from Split to Ston by bus: this is definitely the most economical transportation option but less convenient because there are only three daily services with direct connections. There are no railway connections between Split and Ston so traveling by train is not an option.

This 8-day tour takes travelers to some of the highlights of Dalmatia, including the cities of Split, Trogir, Ston, and Dubrovnik, as well as the island of  Korčula and Krka National Park.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 3 hours, more with stops

If you prefer to drive yourself and plan to travel from Split to Ston by rental car, the fastest route is to take the E65 toll highway south. Exit at Mali Prolog where you can continue onto the D425 and then the D8 towards Dubrovnik. This road passes through a section of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a distance of 5.5-miles (9 km). At the border with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, you'll need to show your passport and pull it out once again as you exit the country and re-enter Croatia. Expect waits at the border during the peak summer season.

An alternative to the toll highway is the Jadranska Magistrala coastal road. This would add more time to your journey but is worth it for the scenic views of the Adriatic Sea and the opportunity to make stops along the way. Consider exploring the charming coastal cities of Omiš and Makarska which you'll pass through on your way to Ston.

Traveling by private transfer is ideal if you're on a tight schedule or if you prefer not to drive on foreign roads or deal with finding parking. If you're planning to use a private transfer service to travel from Split to Ston, contact your local travel specialist for more information.

By Bus

Duration: 3 - 3.5 hours

Buses are generally punctual in Croatia and this is a budget-friendly way to travel. There are three direct buses a day making the trip between Split and Ston. If you're traveling during the busy summer tourist season it could be a good idea to book your ticket ahead of time to secure a seat.


Map of How to Get from Split to Ston
Map of How to Get from Split to Ston
Written by Isabel P, updated Sep 9, 2019