Traveling the 186 miles (299 km) from Trondheim to Ålesund is one of the most scenic tours you can take in Norway, no matter what method of transportation you choose. 

There is a daily direct flight from Trondheim that makes this the fastest way to get to Ålesund and is perfect for anyone with a time limit. This route will also give you views of the mountain ranges and fjords that you wouldn’t otherwise get from ground level.

A Hurtigruten (cruise) is a perfect option to get views you can't get from driving and live in a bit of luxury as you cruise toward your destination. You can also hire a private transfer or rent a car to explore the Norwegian countryside on your own time. 

This 14-day discover Norway's cities and fjords itinerary shows off the best of the best when it comes to Norway’s cities. You’ll get the chance to hike up to Ålesund's hilltop (Sugar Hill) for excellent views of the city, fjord, and coast. There's also a chance to discover all of Oslo's hidden gems with a tour by a local specialist. 

By Hurtigruten (Cruise)

Duration: 1 day

Consider asking a local specialist with help in booking your short journey to Ålesund, as the Norwegian website for the Hurtigruten is the only way to access tickets for shorter trips. The beginning will see you leaving Trondheim early in the morning. This is great for you to catch the sunrise from the deck.

As the journey begins, you'll come face to face with the Trondheim Fjord. From the water, you'll see the coastal lines and you must be out on the deck if it's a nice day to capture some pictures of the view. Soon the boat will float into open seas and you'll make your way to the town of Molde. As the boat cruises towards Molde, you'll see the Romsdalsalpe mountains coming into view. The best part of this trek is seeing all of the small villages that are rich with Norweigian history along the coast.

By Plane

Duration: 40 minutes

By far the quickest to get to Ålesund is by taking a direct flight from Trondheim Airport (TRD) to Ålesund Airport (AES). When you check-in, make sure to secure a window seat as you won't want to miss the views from above. You'll get incredible views of the Trondheim Fjord and the Kvernesfjorden as you soar above.

By Private Transfer or Car/Ferry

Duration: 5.5 hours

Taking the scenic route of driving, you'll not only get to see incredible views of the water, but you'll also wind through the mountainside on your way to Ålesund from Trondheim.

Leaving Trondheim you'll take the E39, along the right side of the car, you'll be able to see the Trondheim Fjord. If you haven't had a chance before you started your drive, you need to take a quick pit stop just outside of Trondheim to snap a picture of this beautiful fjord. About an hour outside of Trondheim, the Kjølen mountains will be on the right-hand side. Even though it's not too far, Kjølen is a great place to stop and take in the stunning mountain views.

As you continue your drive, you'll really feel as though you're in the heart of fjord country as the Vinjefjorden appears on the right side of the highway. It's safe to say that if you're on the passenger side of the car, you're going to get the best views along this entire drive. 

When you get to Molde, it's a good time to take a break before catching your ferry. If you're looking for historical information on the area, the Romsdalsmuseet is the best place to learn all about the area. After a break, you'll catch the ferry, you'll float over the Midfjorden. If the weather is great, it's a good time to head out to the deck to get some fresh air and experience the views.

After switching from the E39 to the E136, you'll see the Måslia mountains on the left side of the car. These mountains also signify that you have just one hour left in your journey till Ålesund. Just before Ålesund, you'll see the Brusdalsvatnet, which is a picturesque lake, great for a quick stop. 

You'll arrive in the fairytale port town of Ålesund not long after.

Keep in mind that this trek does include toll roads, so ensure you know how to pay your tolls by checking with your rental company. 


Map of How to Get from Trondheim to Ålesund
Map of How to Get from Trondheim to Ålesund