Traveling from Tuscany to the Italian Lakes District is approximately a 240-mile (388-kilometer) trip, assuming you start in Florence and go to Como, on the shore of Lake Como. By car, that drive takes about four hours, with the train ride lasting about the same time. The other beautiful lakes in the region are Lake Maggiore (which is further west) and Lake Garda (which is closer, just about due north of Florence), so plan your journey accordingly.

Hiring a car and driver is another way to make your Tuscany-Lakes District trek; that is easily accomplished by consulting with one of our local specialists.

Or leave all the planning to us on one of our fascinating tours of these two iconic Italian regions. See Tuscany for 5 Days, 7 Days, 12 Days or even 15 Days, then let us guide you to continuing your Italian adventure with time spent at the lakes (and in Milan, too), on trips encompassing 7 Days, 9 Days, or 15 Days.

By Rental Car

For the ultimate in flexibility, rent a car and do the driving yourself, first exploring Tuscany and then enjoying the freedom to see one, two or three of the lakes that are perched at the base of the Italian Alps. Just remember that keeping your rental car in Florence is both expensive to park as well as a challenge to drive in that narrow-streeted city, so we suggest only picking up the car when you are ready to leave that city that is best seen on foot.

And note that renting a standard-transmission (stick-shift) vehicle is much less expensive in Italy than choosing an automatic, so if you're adept at using a stick, that is one way to save on costs. Gasoline is sold by the liter in Italy, so remember that it will take almost four of those to equal a gallon of gas. Italians drive on the right side of the road.

By Private Transfer

Hiring a car and driver is a great way to easily transport your whole group from any point in Tuscany to the Italian Lakes District, especially when taking advantage of the assistance of one of our local specialists. Our specialist can help you determine just what kind of vehicle you need, from standard or luxury sedan, or even larger vans and small buses if your group needs more space. Choose to book your personal driver by the hour for a flexible way to see the sights along your journey, or simply negotiate a flat fee to travel directly from your starting point to your final destination.

By Train

Taking the train from Tuscany to the Lakes District will most likely send you through Milan's Centrale Station, where you'll need to get on a local train to Como, Maggiore or Garda. You can also pinpoint even more specifically to cities on each of those lakes, like Bellagio, Baveno or Bardolino, for example. Italy's train system is very efficient and makes stops in most small towns and even villages; just know that it will take time when you are on one of the system's local trains to eventually make your way to your destination. From Florence to Como, for example, is about a 2.5- to 3-hour train ride.


Map of How to Get from Tuscany to the Italian Lakes District
Map of How to Get from Tuscany to the Italian Lakes District