On this five-day Brazilian adventure, experience Amazonian culture and the spectacular rainforest. Land in Manaus, the capital of the Amazon region, and do some sightseeing upon arrival. Next, visit the Meeting of the Waters—a river phenomenon—on the way to Careiro. Spend the next few days immersed in the biodiverse environment of the Amazon Jungle Lodge and its rich surroundings, from nature hikes to canoeing, and piranha fishing to nocturnal wildlife tours.


  • Explore the local sights in Manaus, the capital of the Amazon region
  • Boat through the river phenomenon known as the Meeting of the Waters
  • Visit a Caboclo's house to learn about Amazonian customs and culture
  • Go hiking, canoeing, fishing, and night touring through the Amazon rainforest

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Manaus Manaus
Day 2 Meeting of the Waters & Travel to Amazon Jungle Lodge Careiro
Day 3 Amazon Jungle Lodge: Hiking, Fishing & Nocturnal Nature Tour Careiro
Day 4 Amazon Jungle Lodge: Caboclo House Visit & Nature Tour Careiro
Day 5 Depart from Manaus  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Manaus

Amazonas Theater - Manaus City
Amazonas Theater - Manaus City

Welcome to Manaus! Upon arrival at the airport, a driver will meet you and take you to your accommodation.

Located on the banks of the Negro River in northwestern Brazil, Manaus is the capital of the Amazon region. It is a gateway to and from the Amazon rainforest. Take some time to explore on your own today:

  • Visit the Amazon Theatre, a grand opera house located in the rainforest
  • Shop at Mercado Adolpho, a historic marketplace that offers crafts and food
  • Stroll the Manaus Botanical Gardens MUSA, a garden within a forest

Continue enjoying the evening at your leisure.

Day 2: Meeting of the Waters & travel to Amazon Jungle Lodge

Meeting of the Waters
Meeting of the Waters

In the morning, depart from Manaus Hotel to the Port of Ceasa. Arriving at Port of Ceasa, transfer by speedboat to the Careiro community, with a short stop at the Meeting of the Waters—a brown, muddy river phenomenon—to take some photos. Then, transfer by car or minibus to the Mamorí river. Along the way, there is a stop to photograph the Vitória Régia, as well.

Board a speedboat, and keep an eye out for birds, alligators, and other animals. Then, arrive at the Amazon Jungle Lodge and have some lunch around noon. After lunch, embark on a late-afternoon canoe trip to get acquainted with the area. Then, return to the lodge to enjoy dinner at 7 pm.

Day 3: Amazon Jungle Lodge: Hiking, fishing & nocturnal nature tour

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Go fishing for piranhas
Go fishing for piranhas

After breakfast, take a morning walk in the jungle. An expert guide will teach you all about medicinal plants, survival techniques, and the local flora and fauna.

Next, take a break to enjoy the lunch buffet. Then, spend the afternoon out on the water fishing for piranhas. Then, return to the lodge to enjoy a buffet-style dinner, followed by a night tour. The nocturnal excursion will allow you to explore wildlife after sundown. Keep a close watch for alligators, especially.

Day 4: Amazon Jungle Lodge: Caboclo house visit & nature tour

A Sumaúma tree
A Sumaúma tree

Rise early today to watch the sunrise, followed by a bit of birding. Then, enjoy breakfast at the lodge at 7 am. Next, visit a local family’s Caboclo house and learn all about the native customs. Following the tour, enjoy lunch back at the lodge. Around 3 pm, make a visit to the Sumaúma tree, which is the largest tree in the Amazon region. Then, return to the lodge for dinner, and enjoy your final evening on your Amazonian adventure.

Day 5: Depart from Manaus

Farewell, Brazil!
Farewell, Brazil!

Enjoy breakfast at the lodge, followed by a morning canoe excursion to observe wildlife. Then, enjoy lunch, and return to Manaus—the expected arrival time at the airport is around 5 pm. Note that transfer times to Manaus may vary, depending on flight plans. Safe Travels!

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Map of Brazil Amazon Adventure: Manaus & Careiro - 5 Days
Map of Brazil Amazon Adventure: Manaus & Careiro - 5 Days