From desert camps to quaint guesthouses to art-inspired city hotels, Jordan offers a variety of accommodations for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the best boutique hotels, from north to south.

Beit Al Baraka

Cozy shared living space at Beit Al Baraka (Photo courtesy of Baraka Destinations)

Perched on a hill with views of the old Ottoman village and Golan Heights, Beit Al Baraka is a cozy bed and breakfast option for an overnight or two in the quaint town of Um Qais. The Greco-Roman ruins of Gadara are within walking distance, and Baraka staff can arrange a wide variety of activities with local experts, including a guided tour of the ruins, cooking lessons, cycling, basket weaving, hiking, and beekeeping. Start your day with a hearty and colorful breakfast of locally-sourced, organic foods and end it sipping tea while watching the sunset from the rooftop.

Beit Al Baraka has three bedrooms with handcrafted beds, two shared bathrooms, and a warm and welcoming living room, garden, and rooftop common areas. Your stay at this adorable bed and breakfast support Baraka Destinations' mission to create economic opportunities for the community while connecting visitors and locals through authentic, engaging experiences.

Ajloun Cabins

The serene forest setting at Ajloun Cabins (Photo courtesy of RSCN)

While Jordan may be known for its otherworldly expanses of desert, it is also home to some refreshing forest escapes. Get a good night's sleep at one of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature's comfortable Ajloun Cabins, nestled in the tranquil Ajloun Forest Reserve. Wake up to clean air and refreshing views of pistachio, carob, and oak trees from your private balcony, sample locally-sourced foods in the on-site restaurant, enjoy day trips to the nearby Jerash archaeological site or Ajloun Castle, or take a guided hike in reserve.

Boutique Hotel Amman

Private room with balcony (Photo courtesy of the Boutique Hotel Amman)

This budget-friendly hotel offers basic accommodations in the heart of downtown Amman. The convenient location and affordable rooming options allow you to spend the night in shared dorm-style or private rooms, then spend your days exploring the area's lively local culture, history, and foods. Walk to Citadel Hill, the Roman Amphitheater, Rainbow Street, and a wide variety of markets, cafés, and restaurants—like legendary Hashem, famous for its tasty falafel and hummus. The Boutique Hotel Amman's casual, welcoming vibe is especially inviting for solo travelers searching for friendly faces and potential adventure compadres.

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La Locanda

The Asmahan Room at La Locanda (Photo courtesy of La Locanda)

Amman's first themed hotel, La Locanda is a lovely option located in the heart of Amman's lively Al Weibdeh. Although the hotel was recently renovated, the building is one of the oldest in this area, and the renovations were completed with respect to the original architecture. The overall theme is music and art, and the design of each room is unique—inspired by an individual artist or musician. You will find visitors and locals alike enjoying live music and events at this hip hotel.

Mujib Chalets

One of the 15 chalets (Photo courtesy of Mujib Chalets)

For a more rustic Dead Sea stay, skip the 5-star hotels and head for Wild Jordan's seaside Mujib Chalets. What the 15 bungalow-style rooms lack in amenities, they make up for with the panoramic view and private access to the Dead Sea. Watch the sunset from your hammock; share laughs and stories around the campfire, or enjoy a peaceful float in the sea. When you're ready for a more active adventure, take a guided hike through Wadi Mujib—conveniently located across the road from the chalets. Come prepared with snacks; although Mujib Chalets serves meals on-site, they are fairly basic, and there are no stores nearby.

Feynan Ecolodge

Enjoy the night sky from Feynan's rooftop (Photo courtesy of Feynan Ecolodge)

Inspired by inns of old that would welcome camel caravans traveling along the silk route, Feynan Ecolodge invites you to slow down and connect with the local environment, people, culture, and history. A variety of activities are included in the cost of the stay, such as hiking in the biodiverse Dana Reserve, cooking local recipes, and stargazing from the rooftop. Or you can opt for additional experiences in the community - like baking Bedouin bread or spending a day with a shepherd - for a small fee that goes directly to the local hosts. The Ecolodge aims to decrease negative impact and increase positive social and environmental impact—the property is entirely solar-powered, water is sourced from a local spring, and waste is managed through composting, recycling, and reuse. Funds from visitors also support environmental conservation and help create job opportunities for locals.

Ammarin Bedouin Camp

Enjoy an evening at the Ammarin Bedouin Camp
Enjoy an evening at the Ammarin Bedouin Camp

A visit to Jordan is incomplete without an overnight in a Bedouin camp. Ammarin Camp, owned and operated by a local Bedouin near Little Petra, offers a range of accommodation options - from tent space if you bring your own tent to full room and board in the traditional goat-hair tents. Bathroom facilities are shared and well-maintained, with hot water showers available. Guests at Ammarin Camp are treated like family and have the chance to learn about the history, culture, and surrounding environment through guided nature walks and fireside chats.