Germany's winters may be snowy and dark—but that's just the right setting for its famous Christmas markets, where the cheerful lights and decorations, gingerbread, and mulled wine will soon warm you to your toes. Starting with Frankfurt, your tour takes you to Nuremberg, Dresden, and Berlin, ensuring you experience some of Germany's oldest and most authentic Christmas markets. Savor each city's specialties as you discover them at their festive best.


  • Ride the beloved Baroque Carousel at Frankfurt's Old Town Christmas market 
  • Experience centuries-old festive traditions on Nuremberg's Medieval streets 
  • Taste genuine Christstollen (fruit cake) at Germany's oldest market in Dresden
  • Shop for authentic, handmade Christmas crafts at Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt 

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Frankfurt, Frankfurt Christmas Market Frankfurt
Day 2 Transfer to Nuremberg, Visit Rothenburg & Nuremberg Christmas Markets Nuremberg
Day 3 Transfer to Dresden, Tour Dresden's Christmas Markets Dresden
Day 4 Transfer to Berlin, Explore the Highlights & Gendarmenmarkt  Berlin
Day 5 Depart Berlin  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Frankfurt, Frankfurt Christmas Market

Frankfurt Christmas Markets
Explore Frankfurt's Christmas market, located in the heart of its scenic Old Town

Welcome to Germany! Your private driver will meet you at the airport and transport you to your hotel. Take some time to settle in and relax, then head out to the heart of Frankfurt's Old Town, where its well-loved Christmas market is located. A private tour of the market will also give you time to explore some of the city's highlights—the Town Hall, Old Saint Nicholas Church, and quaint Römerberg area are all located within the market. Your guide will take you around the sights and stalls, so you'll soon be fluent in Frankfurt's Christmas customs.

You'll find the lights, decorations, mulled wine, sizzling sausages, and tasty gingerbread that are traditional around the country, but be sure also to sample the local specialty, Bethmännchen cookies made from marzipan and almonds. Don't forget to take your inner child for a spin on the historic Baroque carousel! Savor the atmosphere and shop for a few souvenirs as you make your way around the elaborate stands that make Frankfurt's market one of Germany's most beautiful.

Day 2: Transfer to Nuremberg, Visit Rothenburg & Nuremberg Christmas Markets

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Visit the medieval cities of Rothenburg and Nuremberg
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Continue to your next Christmas highlight today, Nuremberg. Along the 2.5-hour drive, your guide will take you to the medieval city of Rothenburg. Packed with medieval architecture and half-timbered houses, its cobblestoned streets make a fairytale-like picture all hung with festive lights. Your guide will lead you through the Old Town—you'll have the choice to visit either St. Jacob's Church or the Medieval Crime Museum, whichever piques your interest—and its quaint Christmas market, the Reiterlesmarkt

Later in the day, your driver will take you to the Nuremberg Christmas Market, one of Germany's most famous and impressive. The city jealously defends its authenticity, strictly forbidding non-traditional decorations and merchandise. With its old-fashioned carousel, Ferris wheel, and steam train, all in immaculately-preserved medieval surroundings, this market isn't short on charm. Savor traditional treats while your guide explains German Christmas traditions, such as the Christkind (you won't hear much about Santa here). Be sure to admire the array of Zwetschgenmännle, little dolls made from walnuts and prunes purchased by tourists and locals alike to bring good luck. 

Day 3: Transfer to Dresden, Tour Dresden's Christmas Markets

Discover the Festive Atmosphere at Dresden Christmas Markets
Experience some of Germany's most historic markets in Dresden

Today's transfer takes you 3.5 hours northeast to Dresden, where you'll stroll through the Striezelmarkt—packed with history, Germany's oldest Christmas market has seen people gathering here for almost 600 years. This market is just the start, however—you'll hit at least 10 other markets as you stroll through the main highlights of the city. You'll also have plenty of opportunity to admire the architecture of some of the city's impressive monuments, such as the Semper Opera House and Zwinger Palace, while your guide explains a little of the city's fascinating history. 

As you head through the cluster of markets, each with its distinct character, be sure to sample local specialties such as Christstollen. You can't miss the world's largest Christmas pyramid, which dominates the Striezelmarkt at about 50 feet (14.6 m) tall. Enjoy a meal of fresh, hot fare—and who could turn down just one more little piece of gingerbread and a mug of mulled wine? Pay a little extra to keep the mug as a souvenir, then head back to your accommodation for the night. 

Day 4: Transfer to Berlin, Explore the Highlights & Gendarmenmarkt 

Enjoy the festivities at Berlin's sophisticated Gendarmenmarkt 

The penultimate day of your trip starts with a transfer just over two hours north to Berlin. Germany's capital hosts over 100 Christmas markets each year, and your tour today will take you to the very best of them. Starting at the iconic Brandenburger Tor, you'll stroll your way past some of the city's highlights while your guide talks you through the historical context of celebrating Christmas in a divided city—you'll see remnants of the Berlin Wall and make a stop at Checkpoint Charlie. You'll also learn about when the wall came down in time for Christmas, finally allowing families to be reunited for the festivities. 

Arriving at the Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin's most popular Christmas market, you'll be enveloped in a warm, festive, atmosphere—find a cozy spot and enjoy all your favorite treats. Don't forget to try a plate of Berlin's ever-popular Cold War-era delicacy, currywurst, a tasty bratwurst smothered in a tomato-curry sauce. This market also houses several gourmet restaurants in heated tents, so don't stop at just one snack. The tour concludes here, but your evening doesn't have to—there are plenty of other markets to visit and Berlin's legendary nightlife to enjoy! 

Day 5: Depart Berlin

Make the most of your last day here and purchase a few more snacks and souvenirs!

Today marks the end of your Christmas market tour. There's not much action market-wise in the mornings, so head out and do a little shopping or visit an iconic sight like the Reichstag or the TV Tower. Christmas markets tend to open at about noon, so if time allows, sneak in another one or two in the early afternoon—there are several located centrally. Head to the Christmas market at Potsdamer Platz, and you can also have some fun sledding and ice skating at the adjacent Winter World before heading out to the airport to catch your flight. Auf Wiedersehen!

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Map of Best German Christmas Markets : Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Dresden & Berlin - 5 Days
Map of Best German Christmas Markets : Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Dresden & Berlin - 5 Days