This 10-day Brazil trip combines colonial architecture, wilderness activities, and beach relaxation for the ultimate family getaway. Start by experiencing the colorful streets of Salvador before flying to North Pantanal for hiking, horseback riding, and wildlife spotting. Then head to Morro de São Paulo to choose between a range of white-sand beaches. Finish back in Salvador with a trip to an ice cream museum and a cooking lesson to round out this fun adventure.


  • Dance to live drumming music in Salvador's colorful Pelourinho District
  • Choose between wildlife activities at a jungle lodge in North Panatal
  • Go beach hopping and snorkel with the kids in shallow tidal pools
  • Learn how to shop and cook with Bahians during a guided cooking class

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Salvador, Visit the Lacerda Elevator & Mercado Central  Salvador
Day 2 Pelourinho District African Heritage Tour Salvador
Day 3 Fly to North Pantanal, Check Into Lodge, Nature Walk & Stargazing North Pantanal
Day 4 Sunrise Walk, Horseback Riding & Safari Tour North Pantanal
Day 5 Sunrise Walk, Kayaking & Tree Planting Adventure North Pantanal
Day 6 Fly to Salvador, Visit Historic Sights & Beaches Salvador
Day 7 Travel to Morro de São Paulo, Beach Day Morro de São Paulo
Day 8 Morro de São Paulo Beach Day  Morro de São Paulo
Day 9 Transfer to Salvador, Visit the Ice Cream Museum Salvador
Day 10 Bahian Market Tour & Cooking Class, Depart Salvador  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Salvador, Visit the Lacerda Elevator & Mercado Central

Get your bearings with a panoramic view from the Lacerda Elevator
Welcome to Brazil! Upon arrival in Salvador, a private driver will meet your family at the airport and transport you to your city accommodation. Widely considered to be Brazil's cultural heart, Salvador's streets thrum with live drumming and dance, capoeira (martial arts) demonstrations, and street food stalls. Get an overview by heading to the Lacerda Elevator, the link between the "upper" and "lower" cities. Enjoy the panoramic views and then head over the road to the Mercado Central (Central Market). Browse the stalls to find souvenirs and some tasty snacks for the kids.
Dinnerwise, you're spoiled for choice—restaurants in Salvador generally welcome kids, and many great eateries serving traditional Brazilian fare have designated play areas for the little ones so you can linger over your meals. For seafood dishes, head to Boteco do Caranguejo and enjoy the sea views while the kids play in the outdoor area and swimming pool. Coco Bambu and Villa Bahiana have separate play areas for kids, and Barravento is particularly suitable for the littlest ones, with entertainment aimed at children under eight. 

Day 2: Pelourinho District African Heritage Tour

African Heritage Tour of Pelourinho
Dance with the kids to thrilling live drumming in the Pelourinho District
After breakfast, head to the Pelourinho District to meet your guide for a three-hour tour. The area was sadly once a slave trade center but is now a fantastic place to learn about Afro-Brazilian culture. You and the kids will discover its history from the perspective of the colonized peoples. At the same time, you'll experience its culture come to life, with samba-reggae music, drumming, and capoeira punctuating your tour. Grab some lunch before you leave—don't miss the acarjé, a tasty deep-fried black-eyed pea dough loaded with salad, sauces, and shrimp. 

After lunch, take the kids to the Salvador Zoo and Botanical Park. There are over 1,500 animal species to discover here, plus abundant plants. Your young ones will love meeting the panthers, parrots, monkeys, and traditional zoo favorites like hippos, zebras, and ostriches, and there's plenty of space for them to explore. If you have a little time and energy left over, head next door to the Museu de História Natural, where you'll find an extensive array of artifacts showcasing Brazil's natural history. 

Day 3: Fly to North Pantanal, Check Into Lodge, Nature Walk & Stargazing

Cute capybaras will be frequent companions on your nature walks
Get the kids up early this morning in time for your flight to North Pantanal. The flight should take around five hours, including a connection. You'll arrive in Cuiabá, where you'll meet your driver and head to your lodge. The drive will take you through the adobe-housed town of Poconé and along the Transpantaneira Park Road, a dirt track famous for its surrounding scenery. The drive is about two hours, and the kids can stay busy by spotting alligators, capybaras, and plenty of bird species, all of which are frequent sightings on the road. 
You'll be welcomed at your accommodation, the Ueso Pantanal Lodge, with a delicious kid-friendly buffet lunch. Afterward, settle into your rooms and enjoy some free time—there's a swimming pool and games room with plenty to keep the whole family entertained. Later, head out on your first nature walk to the 56-foot (17 m) observation tower to get a better look at the lodge's bird and animal species. Dinner will be followed by an evening nature walk, where you and the kids can delight in spotting nocturnal creatures under the light of starry skies. 

Day 4: Sunrise Walk, Horseback Riding & Safari Tour

Family stay (day 2) at Ueso Pantanal Lodge
Watch the panteneiros at work

Rise early in the morning and head out with the kids to see the sunrise from the observation tower. Watch the birds and animals wake up, then make your way back to the lodge for breakfast. Afterward, you and the kids get some time with the lodge's horses—you'll learn the basics of horse care and riding before you head off on a guided trek along the local trails. The horses are quiet enough for beginners, so don't worry if you and the kids aren't experienced equestrians. 

At midday, you'll break for lunch and some free time back at the lodge before you head out on a safari through the Transpanteneira. Along the way, you'll see real panteneiros going about their day, as well as a tremendous amount of wildlife, including armadillos, anteaters, foxes, capybaras, and colorful macaw parrots! You'll be back at the lodge in time for dinner, after which you'll have the chance to meet one of the lodge's knowledgeable staff. Ask any questions you have, and enjoy learning more about wildlife and traditional customs before you head to your rooms for the night. 

Day 5: Sunrise Walk, Kayaking & Tree Planting Adventure

Choose from a range of river activities today
Plan your trip to Brazil
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.
Make the most of your last full day in this wildlife paradise, and get the kids up for another dawn walk, followed by a hearty breakfast. The morning's activities center on the river. If the kids are old enough, head out for a guided kayak tour—if not, there are plenty of other boating and hiking options available. Whatever you choose, the whole family will be delighted by the river's magnificence and its inhabitants—with just a little luck, you'll even spot a jaguar. 
As usual, you'll have lunch and free time in the games room and swimming pool back at the lodge before you meet with a guide for the afternoon. The guide will talk your family through some of the challenges and experiences of living in this region, focusing on conservation and protecting the Pantanal wetlands for future generations. Afterward, your family will get a chance to leave a legacy for future residents and guests as you head out to plant trees with your guide. 

Day 6: Fly to Salvador, Visit Historic Sights & Beaches

Return to Salvador and explore the colonial architecture
This morning, after breakfast, your driver will take you to Cuiabá to catch your flight back to Salvador. You'll be met by a private driver who will transport you to your accommodation. When you've settled in, head out to explore.
Consider visiting one or two of the churches here. The Church of São Francisco is an extravagant Baroque masterpiece of carving and gold leaf and is sure to impress both young and old. The more famous Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim is both a religious and cultural center for Salvador, known for its "Bahia Bands," colorful knotted ribbons tied to the gate, representing their owners' hopes and dreams.
For seaside fun, head to Stella Maris and Flamengo beaches, two adjacent family-friendly stretches of coast, or venture out to Praio Porta da Barra, Salvador's original colonial settlement site. Here you'll find the historic Santo Antonio Fort and Nautical Museum, with an adjacent lighthouse that the kids will love exploring. At 72 feet high (22 m), it's the perfect place to watch the sunset. Have dinner at one of the nearby restaurants and enjoy a caipirinha (cocktail) as you savor the ocean views.

Day 7: Travel to Morro de São Paulo, Beach Day

Land and sea transfer from Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo
Explore Morro de São Paulo's idyllic coastline with the kids
It's time to head to head to your next destination, the island paradise of Morro de São Paulo. You can get here by catamaran (which will take a couple of hours) or a short 20-minute flight by air taxi. Popular as a relaxing getaway for tourists and Brazilians alike, you won't find any cars here; instead, you'll stroll from beach to beach and wander through the village streets. Plenty of locals will offer to take your luggage to your accommodation (generally by wheelbarrow) for a small fee. 
Beaches are naturally the island's biggest drawcard—the main ones are numbered one to five, with Primeira Praia (First Beach) being the closest to the village. First Beach is more popular with surfers, while Segunda Praia (Second Beach) is the busiest, with many families enjoying the restaurants, hotels, and facilities. Spend the afternoon relaxing with the kids, then dine at the seaside or head back into the village center for even more choice—in addition to great food, many places also have live music and fantastic views out over the sea.

Day 8: Morro de São Paulo Beach Day

Incredible places for those planning to travel with children to Morro de São Paulo
Morro de São Paulo has plenty of great spots to snorkel with the kids
Today is a great day to try a few of the activities Morro de São Paulo has to offer. Head to Terceira Praia (Third Beach), a great spot if you're keen to try surfing, kayaking, or snorkeling. Quarta Praia (Fourth Beach) is great for the kids with its pristine sands and a stretch of 2.5 miles (4 km) of space to run around. At low tide, natural pools form, complete with fish and coral—perfect for the little ones to practice snorkeling. Take a horse and cart (no taxis here!) if you want to get to Quinta Praia (Fifth Beach), and be sure to bring food and drink, as it's further from the village.
If you're after more of an outing, boat trips are available from Terceira Praia for a few hours of island-hopping fun. From July to November, it's also possible to take trips to observe the humpback whales coming in close to the coast. If your kids are older, South America's highest zipline at 230 feet (70 m) makes for an exciting adventure. Or simply stroll through the village where you'll find many craft and souvenir shops and great cafes for a break.

Day 9: Transfer to Salvador, Visit the Ice Cream Museum 

Land and sea transfer from Morro de Sao Paulo to Salvador
Spend your last afternoon visiting Salvador's Ice Cream Museum
Head to the beach early this morning and enjoy a leisurely seaside breakfast before you and the family travel back to Salvador via either air taxi or catamaran. A driver will meet you and take you to your accommodation, and once you've settled in, take the kids out to see a few more of Salvador's highlights. 
For some fine arts fun, try the Carybé Arts Space, a center exploring the works of Argentine-Brazilian artist Carybé, using digital media and virtual reality. Let the kids discover art interactively, through virtual reality glasses, with §D models of Carybés characters controlled by the kids' body movements. Alternatively, head to The Museum of Tomorrow, a kid-friendly space loaded with interactive and futuristic exhibits, perfect for any scientists in the family. You can also try the Parque dos Ventos, an extensive playground and green area where kids can run around to their hearts' content. 
As the day heats up, cool off with a trip to Solar Amado Bahia, a renovated mansion that now houses an ice cream museum. Tour the ornate rooms and golden chapel on the second floor to get an insight into Salvador's past and its extremes of wealth and poverty. Marvel at the finest furniture and materials imported from Europe and exquisite handmade works before heading to the ice cream museum on the first floor to enjoy a scoop of delicious ice cream.

Day 10: Bahian Market Tour & Cooking Class, Depart Salvador

Bahian cooking class for kids and parents + Tour of Salvador's markets
Tour Salvador's Markets gathering ingredients for your family cooking class.
It's the last day of your Brazilian getaway, so rise bright and early to make the most of it! If your flight isn't until later, take a kid-friendly market tour and cooking class for the perfect hands-on introduction to Bahian cuisine. Your guide will meet you at the hotel and take you to the fish market to pick up the ingredients for a tasty moqueca (seafood stew) and then on to the vegetable market for everything else you need (including the makings for a delicious caipirinha). Afterward, you'll head to a local home for a relaxed and entertaining family cooking class.
If you still have a couple of free hours, head to the Lagoa dos Dinossauros (Dinosaur Lagoon). This inner-city park has plenty of fish, with chameleons and marmosets to spot as well—but, most importantly, several life-sized dinosaur replicas, sensor-activated to roar as the kids approach. Your little ones will be delighted by the velociraptors, brachiosaurs, and the odd Tyrannosaurus Rex or two as they run around and work off some energy before your flight. At the scheduled time, head back to your hotel and meet your driver who will transfer you to the airport. Safe travels!

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Map of Brazil Family Getaway: Salvador, North Pantanal & Morro de São Paulo - 10 Days
Map of Brazil Family Getaway: Salvador, North Pantanal & Morro de São Paulo - 10 Days