August is one of the busiest months for travel to Fiji, but for good reasons: the weather is warm but not too hot, the seas are calm and ideal for activities like diving and snorkeling, and even the furthest, most remote of Fiji's islands are accessible. Whether you want to chill out at a comfortable beach resort or get more active and off the beaten path, you can do this in Fiji this month—just as long as you book in advance.


Fiji has two seasons: the wet (rainy) season and the dry season. August is in the middle of the dry season, which continues until October. It's sometimes called Fiji's winter, and although nights are cooler and you might need a light sweater, most travelers will still consider the weather warm in August. It's also one of the driest months of the year but not quite as dry as July.

Although temperatures are relatively uniform year-round in Fiji, expect high temperatures of up to 78°F (26°C) in August, which is a few degrees cooler than at the height of the wet season. Humidity is also much lower during the dry season, which many travelers find more comfortable. The chance of cyclones is also meager in August, and while unseasonal storms can't be ruled out, you're unlikely to encounter destructive, disruptive cyclones in August. 

Crowds & Costs

August is one of the busiest months of the year for travel to Fiji (along with July and late December). While Australian and New Zealander families will mostly have returned home by August, this month sees many travelers from Europe and North America on their summer vacations, as well as Antipodeans who aren't constrained by winter school holidays. Make flight and accommodation bookings as far in advance as possible for travel this month, and expect to pay high prices. 

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Where to Go

While sticking to the beaches of Viti Levu might be convenient, August is an ideal month for exploring further afield because ferry and flight connections to the outer islands are unlikely to be disrupted by bad weather. Check out Fiji's only UNESCO World Heritage site at Levuka, on Ovalau Island: a historic town that was Fiji's capital until 1882. Dive the spectacular remote reefs of the Lomaiviti archipelago from a liveaboard boat. Or make like a stowaway and catch a cargo ship to the eastern Lau Group.

For a classic Fiji island experience away from the main towns, head to the Mamanuca Islands, west of Viti Levu. The chain of around 20 islands has something to offer everyone, from families to solo independent travelers. Dive, snorkel, or learn to surf (or catch a more advanced break) while staying at some of Fiji's most beautiful resorts with luxurious spas and fun kids' clubs.

What to Do

There are too many beautiful islands to explore in Fiji to restrict yourself to just one. An island-hopping adventure is a great way to see and do a lot, either on a day trip or a more extended multi-day tour. The Yasawa Islands are a perfect island-hopping destination as there are around 20 islands close together. As well as enjoying the views from on board a boat you can swim, snorkel, paddleboard, kayak, and disembark at stunning beaches, each a little bit different, as well as visit the incredible Sawa-I-Lau Caves.

Diving and snorkeling are at their best in August, as the sea is calm and clear, although a little cold. The volcanic Yasawa Islands are one of the best places in Fiji to dive, as you can swim with manta rays at Barefoot Manta Island. For a different experience, the Somosomo Strait between Vanua Levu and Taveuni has colorful soft corals at Rainbow Reef and the Great White Wall.

Events in August

Bula Festival, Nadi. This festival in July or August showcases traditional indigenous Fijian culture with parades, live music, dancing, and colorful costumes.

Hibiscus Festival, Suva. This week-long festival in the capital celebrates Fiji's diverse cultures with food, rides, entertainment, art shows, parades, and more. It's one of the biggest events on the annual calendar. 

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