Experience community-based tourism in the beautiful Jequitinhonha Valley on this immersive art trip. You'll spend five days with the women of the Campo Buriti community, learning the traditional process from harvesting the clay to kiln firing from the artists. Combine with trips to the historic cities of Belo Horizonte, Diamantina, and Tiradentes for a full Brazil tour.


  • Enjoy the hospitality of a local family homestay 
  • Try your hand at crafting a masterpiece during the clay and pottery workshops 
  • Participate in unique community-based tourism & support local projects
  • Eat delicious Brazilian comfort food

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Campo Buriti Community Turmalina
Day 2 Collecting Clay in Campo Buriti Turmalina
Day 3 The Magic of Natural Pigments: Making Natural Paint at Campo Buriti Turmalina
Day 4 Cooking Classes with the Local Community Turmalina
Day 5 Depart Campo Buriti Community  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Campo Buriti Community

Woodfire oven at Campo Buriti
Woodfire oven at Campo Buriti

Welcome to the Jequitinhonha Valley, located in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. If you're arriving by plane at the Montes Claros Airport, a tour representative will meet you, then transfer to the Campo Buriti community, a 4-hour trip. 

You'll be welcomed by your hostesses into their homes, then enjoy an evening introductory session and dinner with the community. 

Day 2: Collecting Clay in Campo Buriti

The hardworking women from Jequitinhonha Valley
The hardworking women from Jequitinhonha Valley
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After a filling breakfast of traditional Minas food, set out on the local trail to the "Barreiro" where local artists harvest clay. As you walk along the way enjoy the views of the stunning Minas Gerais landscape, stopping at a scenic viewpoint for a moment of prose and poetry led by young community members. 

After you reach the Barreiro the artisans will show you how to harvest the clay, then let you have a chance to try your hand. Once you've gathered enough for your projects return back to the community. 

In the afternoon it's time to get creative—learn how to beat and sift the clay, then mix it with water to the right consistency. From here, let your imagination run wild! Spend the afternoon creating clay forms and figurines, then enjoy dinner with the community. 

Day 3: The Magic of Natural Pigments: Making Natural Paint at Campo Buriti

Modelling your own clay work-of-art
Modeling your own clay work-of-art

After breakfast, attend a painting workshop with a local artist to learn about the use of natural pigments in their work. Break for a quick lunch, then continue to the community of Campo Alegre, home to more than 80 artists and clay masters. Visit the community museum and art exhibit and spend the afternoon learning about local art. 

Return to Campo Buriti in the evening in time for a social hour with the community artists in the local bar, run by one of the trip hostesses, Terezinha. 

Day 4: Cooking Classes With the Local Community

The artist and her masterpieces
The artist and her masterpieces

Start the morning with a delicious breakfast in the home of one of the region's most well-known ceramic masters, Zezinha. Chat with her about her work and visit the ceramic garden, which doubles as an open-air museum. 

In the afternoon try your hand at a different kind of craft as you learn to make Dulce de Leche and Biscoito, both sweet afternoon treats. Afterward, pay a visit to the artisan community of Coqueiro Campo to learn about a different style of ceramics and art. 

In the evening you'll take part in a final step in the clay process—the ceramics firing ceremony. Collect your created pieces, then fire them in the kiln and celebrate your work! The evening is a celebration, complete with local Moda de Viola music and an amazing dinner of Mineiro food. 

Day 5: Depart Campo Buriti Community

Painting with natural pigments
Painting with natural pigments

Time to say goodbye to the amazing community you've spent the week with. Enjoy your final breakfast with your individual hostesses, then say goodbye and hit the road, bringing with you handcrafted clay souvenirs and new friends. Travel safe! 

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Map of Immersive Artist Community Visit in Brazil - 5 Days
Map of Immersive Artist Community Visit in Brazil - 5 Days