By April, the peak travel season is over in much of India. Temperatures are rising in North India and Tamil Nadu, and rain in Kerala is increasingly frequent. However, there are still some great places to visit this month—high season is just beginning in the Himalaya, Mumbai is still pleasant and dry, and it’s an ideal time for tiger-spotting in India’s national parks.


In Delhi, highs jump to nearly 100°F during April. This is the beginning of the hot summer, and temperatures only rise further in May and June. In other popular tourist cities, like Kolkata and Chennai, conditions are similar—highs hover around 97°F.

In Kerala, temperatures stay at a similar level year-round (highs near 90°F, lows about 77°F). April is somewhat wetter than the previous few months, with an average of seven rainy days. Mumbai and Goa also have warm weather year-round (around 77°F-90°F), but with a more defined rainy season than Kerala. These places don’t usually experience rain in April.

During this month, the weather is warm at altitude in the Himalayas. In hill stations like Manali, average temperatures are about 77°F during the day, dropping to 50°F at night. This makes April a good month to visit, although some mountain passes (like the Rohtang Pass) are inaccessible until later in the year.

Crowds & Costs

In April, North India lacks the cool weather that attracts foreign tourists earlier in the year. However, in parts of central and southern India, schools begin their summer vacation in April, so domestic tourists may be traveling during this time. Some towns in the Himalayas may be crowded; it’s best to book in advance if you plan to visit the mountains.

Where to Go

Spring and the beginning of summer are good times to visit the Himalayas. Evenings can get cold, so pack a sweater. One interesting town to visit is Darjeeling, in Sikkim, which is famous for its verdant tea plantations. 

April is also a good time to explore Mumbai. If you come early in the month, you’ll be just in time for Gudi Padwa, a Hindu New Year festival celebrated in the state of Maharashtra. In Mumbai, this festival is marked with parades, colorful costumes, singing, and dancing. Some of the city’s fine-dining restaurants also have special menus where you can taste traditional delicacies—reservations are usually required ahead of time.

What to Do

If you’re willing to brave the heat, April is a favorable month for tracking Bengal tigers on a wildlife tour. Due to the increasing temperatures, vegetation in central India’s national parks is thin and dry in April, meaning that tigers are easier to spot. Because of the decreasing water supply, tigers also like to congregate around water holes at this time of year. This 13-day Wildlife & Cultural Tour is designed to maximize your chances of seeing one of these majestic animals.

Otherwise, if you end up in the Himalayas, April is the perfect time for outdoor sports. The popular resort towns offer a variety of options, such as water rafting and mountain biking. It’s also a great month to go hiking, as the weather is mild and flowers are in bloom.

Events in April

Due to the hot summer, the number of events in India starts to slow down in April. However, there are still some interesting celebrations going on.

Brave souls can head to the Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan for their celebration of Chaitra Navratri, involving thousands of sacred rats. For good luck, allow the rats to run over your feet. 

Local temple festivals take place frequently in Kerala, but one standout in April is the Bharani Festival at the Kodungallur Bhagawati Temple. During this ritual dedicated to the goddess Kali, devotees dress in colorful clothing, sacrifice chickens, and run around the temple waving sticks, which are said to represent swords.

April is also the time of Rama Navami, a Hindu festival celebrating the birthday of Lord Rama. Celebrations take place all over India, including in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. In some Indian states, banks and public buildings may be closed for this holiday.

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