From narrow city streets and tapas bars to the Pablo Picasso museum, get ready to enjoy the cultural and historical gems of Southern Spain on this 10-day tour. Dine in Michelin Star restaurants, see an equestrian ballet and go wine tasting at an ancient vineyard. Tour stunning architectural works, from Alhambra's fortress to Seville's Gothic Cathedral and Cordoba's Mosque-Cathedral.


  • Experience Pablo Picasso's work through the medium of food
  • Visit the school for Andalusian equestrian art and see a timeless performance
  • Tour the Alhambra fortress in Granada, an ancient Muslim palace
  • Explore Cordoba's colorful history and visit the Mosque-Cathedral

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Welcome to Málaga! Malaga
Day 2 Michelin Star Restaurants Malaga
Day 3 Let’s Talk Wines Cádiz
Day 4 Discovering the Oldest city in Western Europe Cádiz
Day 5 The House of the Andalusian Horse Seville
Day 6 Seville’s History on a Horse-Drawn Carriage Seville
Day 7 Treasures of Cordoba Malaga
Day 8 The Alhambra, Treasure of Al-Andalus Malaga
Day 9 Picasso and Flavors of Cubism: Food & Art Experience Malaga
Day 10 Departure Day in Málaga  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Málaga!

The city of Málaga
The city of Málaga

Welcome to Spain! You'll arrive at Málaga Airport, then transfer to your hotel in the city center. Spend the rest of the day settling in, or head out for your first look at the city. 

Day 2: Michelin Star Restaurants 

Dani Garcia's creations
Dani Garcia's creations

Explore Marbella's gastronomic culture with a fully-guided Michelin-star restaurant tour today. Dani García, one of Spain's most prominent master chefs, has three Michelin starred restaurants along the coast. Visiting just one would be impossible, so climb into the chauffeured car and head out for a trip to all three. 

Sample the best creations from the man nicknamed "the artisan of flavor", ending at his award-winning restaurant to close the gastronomic route with a flourish. 

Day 3: Let’s Talk Wines

A winery in a XVIth century convent
A winery in a XVIth century convent

Start your morning with a hotel pickup, then transfer to Ronda in a private vehicle. The best way to experience the local wine culture is by seeing how the experts have been making wine for centuries, so you'll head up to a small vineyard on the cliffs of Ronda to a 16th-century convent-turned-winery. The beautiful fields are surrounded by three national parks and stunning views of the landscapes, making the drive just as enjoyable as the visit. 

The new winery operates out of the refurbished convent buildings, which have been rebuilt with an eye for architectural integrity and ecological harmony. Tour the fruit gardens and grape fields, then head below ground to see the ancient aging caves and wine storage rooms. Round out your visit with a tasting of the wine and a delicious home-cooked meal with a view of the hillsides. 

Continue to Cádiz in the evening. 

Day 4: Discovering the Oldest City in Western Europe

The city of Cádiz
The city of Cádiz

Head out in the morning for a guided tour of the ancient city. Cádiz was founded in the 11th century BCE by the Phenicians, and the archaeological and historical evidence is of their presence in the city is plentiful. Explore their impact on the region, then move forward in time to the 18th century, when the city held a monopoly on trade with the Americas. 

The bustling trade attracted wealthy bourgeoisie to the city who transformed Cádiz into a refined and cosmopolitan colonial hub. The citizens collected art, commissioned architectural works, and built elaborate homes. 

Learn about Cádiz's diverse history during the morning, then continue to a food and wine tour. The afternoon will include tasting local produce at the colorful street market and a stop in the local tavern for a taste of the famous wine, which was fortified for shipment to the Americas. 

End the gastronomic tour with a tapas lunch and hot coffee at a historic family-run cafe. 

Day 5: The House of the Andalusian Horse

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Royal Andalusian school of equestrian art
Royal Andalusian school of equestrian art

Start your morning with a private vehicle transfer to Jerez de la Frontera. Begin your tour of Jerez with a visit to the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, an academy devoted to conserving the genetic and cultural legacy of the Andalusian horse. You'll see a performance of the equestrian ballet, accompanied by traditional Spanish music and costumes, and learn about the art Spanish Baroque horsemanship. 

Visit the ornate botanic gardens, the nearby 19th-century palace, the Museum of Equestrian Art, and the Carriage Museum. Tour the Picadero, the indoor arena built in an authentic Andalusian style, as well as the stables. Conclude your tour with a demonstration of the daily training routine for riders and horses. 

At the end of the visit, transfer to Seville by private vehicle. 

Day 6: Seville’s History on a Horse-drawn Carriage

Cathedral in Seville
Cathedral in Seville

Seville is one of the world's top destinations for culture and architecture, and the city is best admired from a traditional horse-drawn carriage. You'll be accompanied by a guide the whole time as you embark on a panoramic tour of Madrid's highlights, including La Plaza de España, the Giralda, the cobblestone streets of the Santa Cruz District, and more. 

End the tour at the magnificent Seville Cathedral, the biggest Gothic structure of its kind in the world. It stands next door to the Royal Alcázar. Tour the Cathedral, then grab a streetside table for a mid-afternoon meal at a cafe in the city center and enjoy people watching. 

Day 7: Treasures of Cordoba

The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba
The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

Start your morning with a private transfer to Cordoba, then begin your full day exploration. Cordoba is a jewel of the Caliphate Al Andalus and has a millennia-old history of cultural and religious diversity. Stroll the narrow streets of the old Jewish quarter, visit the Arab baths, and explore the Roman and Christian architecture and art. The city is a maze of little plazas, colorful shops, and the smells and sounds of delicious food. Finish the first half of the tour with a visit to the impressive Alcázar of the Christian kings.

Continue to a tour of tapas and wine bars, sampling olive oils, wines, and traditional Spanish snacks. Once you've filled up, finish the tour with the city's crown jewel: the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, one of Spain's most visited monuments. 

In the evening transfer to Malaga by private car.  

Day 8: The Alhambra, Treasure of Al-Andalus

The palace and fortress of La Alhambra
The palace and fortress of La Alhambra

Begin your day with a private transfer to Granada. Your destination is the UNESCO-designated Alhambra, the city's biggest treasure and former bastion of Al-Andalus. The imposing Muslim fortress is a sprawling complex of several palaces and ornate gardens, situated on a hill above the city.  

Tour the fortress with a guide to explore the 13th-century rooms and grandiose halls, stopping to enjoy panoramic views. After, return Malaga with a private transfer. 

Day 9: Picasso and Flavors of Cubism: Food & Art Experience

Picasso's Cubist art
Picasso's Cubist art

Malaga is the proud home of Pablo Picasso, a painter, sculptor, "the father of Cubism". Spend the day discovering his legacy and and the history of cubist art at the Picasso Museum. 

Later, head to a nearby restaurant to round out the Picasso experience with a cubist meal, created with visual analogies to Picasso's work. Colors, textures, scents, and flavors blend together as analogies to distinct stages of Picasso's work. Enjoy the blending of art and cuisine as you experience Pablo Picasso in a different way. 

Day 10: Departure Day in Málaga

Panoramic view of Málaga
Panoramic view of Málaga

Your last day in Southern Spain. If your morning is free, visit the Alcazaba, an impressive palatial fortification, or head up to El Mirador de Gibralfaro for panoramic views of the city. You can also stroll along the beautiful harbor and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean before transferring to your connecting flight home.  


Map of Magic of Southern Spain: History, Beaches, & Culture - 10 Days
Map of Magic of Southern Spain: History, Beaches, & Culture - 10 Days