Explore the beautiful Mulu Show Caves and the dramatic, razor-sharp limestone peaks known as the Pinnacles on this immersive Bornean itinerary, made with nature-lovers in mind. Come prepared for challenging hikes and stunning views at every turn.


  • Visit the world's largest cave passage in Gunung Mulu National Park
  • Explore caves full of unique limestone formations and plant life
  • Climb the difficult trail to the stunning Pinnacles viewpoint

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Mulu & Deer & Lang Caves Gunung Mulu National Park
Day 2 Wind & Clearwater Caves  Camp 5
Day 3 Gunung Api & the Pinnacles Camp 5
Day 4 Departure  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Deer & Lang Caves

View from the Bat Observatory

Welcome to Gunung Mulu National Park - home of the world's largest cave passage (Deer Cave) and the famed 148-foot-high razor-sharp limestone spikes known as the Pinnacles. Arrive at the park by mid-afternoon, check in, and lace up your hiking boots. Your first adventure is a plank walk through primary rainforest to the gaping entrance of Deer Cave. Nowhere in the cave is the roof less than 295 feet (90 m) high.

Next to Deer Cave, you'll find Lang Cave, where the stalactites and stalagmites are representative of the very best limestone formations in the park. After viewing the two caves, proceed to the Bat Observatory outside Deer Cave. A spectacular exodus of about 2 million bats happens at sundown as they leave the cave in search of food. Finally, trek back to the park HQ by flashlight and return to your lodge.

Day 2: Wind & Clearwater Caves

Entrance to the Wind Cave

In the morning, proceed by longboat upriver to Wind Cave with its impressive King’s Chamber. Here, stalactites and stalagmites with delicate lace-like patterns decorate the ceilings and floors. The cave is named for the cool breezes that sweep through its narrowest corridors. 

From Wind Cave, walk along a plank walk next to the limestone cliff and climb 250 concrete steps to reach the entrance of Clearwater Cave. Like most caves in Mulu, Clearwater provides a habitat for unique plants and photo-sensitive algae that produces needle-like formations that point toward any source of light. As you emerge back into the light of day, make your way to the nearby swimming hole shaded by giant rainforest trees to enjoy a simple picnic and perhaps a dip. After lunch, proceed to Long Litut by boat and start trekking to Camp 5 - a three-hour hike away, through a mixed dipterocarp and riparian forest. 

Day 3: Gunung Api & the Pinnacles

Pinnacles of Gunung Mulu National Park

It's time to visit the famous limestone Pinnacles! After breakfast, get ready to scale Gunung Api - a challenging, popular 4- to 5-hour hike full of near-vertical climbs. Arrive at the Pinnacles viewpoint in time for a packed lunch and don't forget your camera - the views here are unique and photo-worthy. When you're done soaking it all in, make your way down the trail and back to camp.

Day 4: Departure

Gather up your camera, boots, and memories and trek to Long Litut. Proceed downstream to the park's headquarters, grab lunch, and then make your way to the airport to catch your flight home.


Map of Caves & Pinnacles in Borneo - 4 Days
Map of Caves & Pinnacles in Borneo - 4 Days