Head to Brazil's northeastern Bahia region for 11 days of memorable activities that combine city tours with outdoor adventures. It starts on the cobbled streets of historic Salvador and continues inland with excursions in Chapada Diamantina National Park, including hiking around jungle cliffs and swimming in waterfall lagoons. End the trip back on the coast, where you'll kick back in the island paradise of Boipeba.


  • Experience Bahian music, culture, and history in Salvador
  • Hike to waterfalls in Chapada Diamantina National Park
  • Take a canoe trip through a mangrove forest in Boipeba
  • Kick back and relax on white-sand beaches in Boipeba

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Salvador, Explore Salvador
Day 2 Pelourinho Walking Tour, Dance Show Salvador
Day 3 Fly to Lençóis Lençóis
Day 4 Hike to Vale do Pati  Mucugê
Day 5 Hike to Cachoeira dos Funis  Mucugê
Day 6 Hike to Palmeiras Palmeiras
Day 7 Hike to Morro do Pai Inácio, Transfer to Lençóis Lençóis
Day 8 Transfer to Ilha de Boipeba Boipeba
Day 9 Boipeba Canoe Trip Boipeba
Day 10 Free Day in Boipeba Boipeba
Day 11 Transfer to Salvador, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Salvador, Explore

Welcome to Salvador, the capital and cultural hub of Brazil's Bahia region

Welcome to Brazil! The largest country in South America boasts a long, rich history and almost limitless natural wonders. To experience it all in one trip (or even one lifetime) is impossible, which is why this 11-day adventure occurs in one region: Bahia. A hotbed of culture, music, and art, Bahia, this northeastern region is home to historic cities, unspoiled national parks, and exotic islands—all of which you'll see on various outdoor excursions.

You'll arrive in Bahia's capital Salvador, a coastal city famous for its vibrant art, music, and Afro-Brazilian heritage. Founded in 1549, it's also one of the oldest cities in the country. You can see this history for yourself when you transfer from the airport by private vehicle to Salvador's Centro Histórico (Historic Center), where your hotel is located.

After checking in, you can take a stroll on cobbled streets amid hundreds of years of history. Or head a few minutes south and relax on one of the city's fine beaches, like Barra. When you get hungry, sample delicious street food staples like acarajé, a stuffed bean fritter.

Day 2: Pelourinho Walking Tour, Dance Show

The historic Pelourinho district
The Pelourinho is the most colorful district in Salvador's historic center

After breakfast, you'll meet a local guide and head out on a walking tour of Salvador's historic downtown. This three-hour jaunt will take you around the famous Pelourinho district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to the largest collection of colonial buildings in Latin America. As your guide leads you down cobbled streets, you'll visit highlight landmarks, including the 17th-century São Francisco Church, and see the Cathedral of Salvador's refined Rococo exterior. Then, continue to the Lacerda Elevator, which transports passengers to the Lower Town below.

In the evening, you'll visit the Teatro Miguel Santana in the Pelourinho district to witness a presentation of the multiple African traditions that underpin Bahian culture. See the sacred dances of the Candomblé: puxada de rede, a song by fishermen in honor of the goddess of the sea; maculelê, an acrobatic stick and sword dance; the exhilarating capoeira martial art/dance; and the grand finale of samba de roda, a festive event that mixes dance and poetry. 

Day 3: Fly to Lençóis

Aerial view of Lençóis
Lençóis is a charming colonial town and gateway to Chapada Diamantina National Park

Meet your driver at the hotel this morning for the transfer to the airport. There you'll catch a 1.5-hour flight west to Lençóis. This historic town dates to 1844 and is the gateway to Chapada Diamantina National Park, the 1,520-square-mile (3,945 sq km) protected area that's a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Lençóis' colonial homes and cobbled streets are remnants of a bygone age when the town was a major hub during Brazil's booming diamond era. In fact, old trails that diamond prospectors created still remain, and they lead from town to secluded caves, enchanting waterfalls, and stunning table mountains.

When you arrive at the airport in Lençóis, a driver will be waiting to transfer you to your hotel. After checking in, you can explore this town's colorful 19th-century streets on your own. Or simply relax at a patio café or have dinner at one of its many outdoor restaurants.

Day 4: Hike to Vale do Pati 

Chapada Diamantina National Park
Discover the forests and mountains of Vale do Pati on a hike

After breakfast, meet your driver for the 52-mile (85 km) drive south through the mountains to Guiné. This town is the base for excursions into the nearby Vale do Pati (Pati Valley), which is where you'll embark on the trekking portion of your Brazil adventure. The drive to Guiné is a scenic one, as you'll cross the Rio Petro on your way to the local homestay, where you'll spend the night. 

Upon arrival, you'll meet your hosts, drop off your bags, and grab a quick bite to eat. Then hit the trail for an 11-mile (18 km) hike through the Vale do Pati. Along with an expert guide, you'll marvel at incredible landscapes, including tropical forests and hidden waterfalls. After hiking to one such waterfall, you'll begin the return hike back to Guiné, arriving in time for dinner.

Plan your trip to Brazil
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Day 5: Hike to Cachoeira dos Funis 

Hike to a secluded waterfall in the forest

Start your morning by sitting down to breakfast with your host family, who are of Indigenous descent. The valley and surrounding areas are home to people from the Maracas and Cariris tribes, who have lived here for millennia, so there's plenty to learn about local culture and history.

Now that you're fortified for the day ahead, it's time to embark on another trek to a secluded waterfall. Today's hike is a little shorter, covering just 4 miles (8 km). It leads to Cachoeira dos Funis, a romantic waterfall cascading about 90 feet (27 m) into a lagoon. Once there, you can take a dip and relax in the sun. Later in the afternoon, you'll return to your homestay and enjoy more cultural exchanges with your hosts.

Day 6: Hike to Palmeiras

The landscape in the Vale do Capão
Make your way around the cliffs and mountains of the Vale do Capão

Make sure to eat a hearty breakfast because this morning, you'll say goodbye to your host family and head off on a full-day,13-mile (22 km) hike. The first leg of the journey will take you up to the peak of Gerais do Vieira. Here you can take a break and cool off in natural pools.

Continue hiking throughout the day to Vale do Capão. In this valley, a vehicle will be waiting to take you to the village of Palmeiras, which, like Lençóis, is a colonial gem with a rich history. Here you'll meet your hosts and overnight in another homestay.

Day 7: Hike to Morro do Pai Inácio, Transfer to Lençóis

A view of Chapada Diamantina National Park
Venture deeper into Chapada on a hike to Morro do Pai Inácio

In the morning, you can stroll around Palmeiras and explore the nearby village of Capão. When you're ready, begin the day's hike, which will take you deep into Chapada Diamantina National Park. Your destination is Morro do Pai Inácio, a table mountain that rises 3,675 feet (1,120 m) above sea level. From this summit, you'll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Chapada's landscapes. After spending the afternoon exploring more of the park, a driver will take you back to Lençóis, where you'll overnight. 

Day 8: Transfer to Ilha de Boipeba

Boipeba is an unspoiled island paradise fringed with long white-sand beaches

The trekking portion of the trip has ended. Now it's time to escape to the islands! After breakfast, a driver will pick you up at your hotel in Lençóis for the six-hour trip back east to the Bahia coast and Ilha de Boipeba. This secluded and unspoiled Brazilian isle is as peaceful as it gets. It's almost entirely vehicle-free and boasts long white-sand beaches fronting crystalline and turquoise waters. Upon arrival at your hotel, you'll have the rest of the day to relax on the beach, swim, or laze in a hammock.

Day 9: Boipeba Canoeing Tour

Spend the day exploring the mangrove ecosystems of Boipeba

Depending on weather conditions, this morning, you'll hop in a wooden canoe handcrafted by native fishermen and head out on a river tour. During this scenic excursion, you'll paddle down the Rio Piã through narrow mangrove channels. This ecosystem is home to sea turtles, lizards, butterflies, and waterbirds like herons and ibises. It's a tranquil ride that lasts about three hours, during which your guide will point out the exotic flora and fauna native to the area. At the end of the tour, you'll return to your hotel.

Day 10: Free Day in Boipeba

Book a tour to explore the coral reefs around Boipeba

Today is yours to kick back and enjoy Boipeba however you choose. If you like, spend a few hours soaking up the sun on the island's spectacular beaches, like Ponta dos Castelhanos or Bainema. You can also take a walk around the laid-back beach town of Velha Boipeba, meet the locals, and experience some famous Bahia hospitality.

If you have extra time, you can visit to the Casa de Farinha. This traditional structure is where cassava (also known as yuca or manioc) is processed to make farinha, a staple food in Brazilian cuisine. Of course, you can also book a snorkeling tour or an excursion to the coral reefs and natural lagoons of Moreré.

Day 11: Transfer to Salvador, Depart

View from Salvador's Lacerda Elevator
Sunset view from Salvador's Lacerda Elevator

Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye to Brazil. Enjoy one of your last mornings on the island before hopping on a speedboat for the one-hour ride to Graciosa Pier. There, a driver will pick you up for the four-hour ride north to the airport in Salvador, where you'll catch your flight home. Adeus!

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Map of Active Brazil: Trekking in Chapada Diamantina National Park - 11 Days
Map of Active Brazil: Trekking in Chapada Diamantina National Park - 11 Days