Acropolis & Acropolis Museum Tour in Athens

Propylaea, entrance to the Acropolis
Explore Athens' 'must-see' attraction with a combined tour of The Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum. As the city's most iconic landmark, you'll discover the once-powerful Ancient Greek civilization that flourished here thousands of years ago. Your experienced state-licensed guide will give you a local and insider view of the buildings and monuments that sit atop Acropolis Hill.

You'll start with the Acropolis, an ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site, and learn about the 5th-century BCE ruins of the rocky hilltop to make sense of what the city once looked like. Your guide will share stories of the country's history, culture, and mythology and lead you to all the important monuments, including the Propylaea with the Temple of Athena Nike next to it. At the iconic Parthenon, you'll learn more about Athena, Athens' patron goddess and the protector of the city. Then, keep walking and discover the other monuments, such as the sacred Temple of Erechtheion and the Areopagus.

When ready, you'll tackle the Acropolis Museum, a world-renowned attraction featuring over 4,000 delicate artifacts, sculptures, and antiquities. At the Parthenon Gallery within the museum, you can view sculptures through glass, all arranged in a rectangle to mimic the famous monument's original orientation and dimensions. Your guide will lead you through and give deeper insight into the world of Ancient Greece.

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