Ancient Irrigation in the Saghro Mountains

The ancient irrigation system supported several wells
Visit the ancient irrigation system that once brought water from the distant Saghro Mountains to the desert via a series of underground channels. Near the desert towns of Erfoud and Rissani is an old irrigation system, used thousands of years ago to carry water between 12 and 18 miles (20 to 30 km). Today, you'll find the old tunnels used for the system, allowing you to explore deep into the area's history.

The tunnels are large enough to walk through and still stretch the entire distance from the mountains to the desert. From the ground, though, they look like a bunch of inconspicuous molehills, but you'll find a beautiful oasis inside.

While exploring underground, learn about the history of the ancient system and surviving tunnels. Every tribe had a specific series of wells that they were responsible for maintaining in the shared system. The water was vital to the communities in the desert, as it supported livestock and their livelihood. As a result, most of the laws in Berber culture are around water!

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