Ancient Strategy Games for Families in Athens

Photo from Kotsanas Museum
Test your skills and learn about ancient puzzles and strategic games with your family at the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. Designed to maintain the entire family's focus and interest, you'll discover and practice important intelligence strategies. Ancient Greeks used these same tactics, from as early as the Minoan to the Late Hellenistic period.

Start by learning a few games, including pawns and dice, where you'll compete for trias and enneas. You'll also observe the rules of playing tilia and polis before practicing a few rounds yourself. Then, tackle the ostomachion of Archimedes, a puzzle consisting of 14 geometrical pieces. When finished, you can take a wooden version home with you!

Lastly, compete against one another to create a tangram from eight pieces or make a square using 500+ combinations. Whoever wins will receive a special gift from the Museum's shop! After the activity, feel free to peruse the rest of this unique institution, which features a fully functional model of the Antikythera mechanism (the oldest example of an analog computer).

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