Colosseum & Roman Forum Tour in Rome

The Roman Forum
Discover the icon of Ancient Rome, the famous Colosseum that still ranks as the largest amphitheater globally. We recommend taking a VIP tour or buying a special ticket to bypass the long lines and access lesser-known areas of the historic site, gaining entrance to places that few tourists visit. Besides the typical areas of the Colosseum, you’ll also walk on the arena floor and explore the underground dungeons.

If you opt for a tour, you'll meet your guide outside the Colosseum, completed in the year 80 CE. Once inside, a custodian will open locked gates and lead you onto the arena floor. Follow the steps of brave gladiators who engaged in combat almost two thousand years ago, and imagine what it's like to have 80,000 spectators screaming your name!

Next, you'll descend beneath the Colosseum and explore the labyrinth of dungeons and preparation rooms. These areas provided space where gladiators dressed for battle and caged beasts waited for release onto the arena floor. There are even mechanical elevators that raised participants through trap doors into the arena!

After an unforgettable experience into the depths of the Colosseum, you'll follow your guide to Palatine Hill, the centermost of Rome's seven hills. The area was once an exclusive neighborhood for political leaders and emperors. Walk around and observe the ruins of imperial palaces and savor the views of Circus Maximus and the Roman Forum below.

The Roman Forum, the center of Roman political life in its heyday, marks your final stop. This area was an ancient public marketplace and general agora (gathering place). Today, it’s filled with the ruins of government buildings, temples, basilicas, and more. Follow your guide through the ancient grounds along Via Sacra, where you'll pass the Arch of Titus and the temples of Vesta, Antonino, and Faustina. You’ll also view the Basilica Julia, a public meeting house commissioned by Julius Caesar.

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