Delos & Rhenia Day Cruise from Mykonos

The Terrace of the Lion on Delos Island
Explore the historic ruins and pristine beaches of Delos and Rhenia Islands on this day cruise. Known as part of the "Cycladic Sisters," which consists of Mykonos, Delos, and Rhenia, these two islands sit just off Mykonos' southwestern coast. Both uninhabited, Delos is home to one of Greece's most important archeological sites, and Rhenia has famed beaches and exceptionally clear waters.

After departing from Mykonos, you'll set sail for the ancient site of Delos Island. Upon arrival, you have the option to stay on the boat and swim in the sea or join a guided tour through Delos' ancient ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Your dedicated guide will take you through the site, sharing stories about the island's fascinating history, culture, and why it was such an important trade center for its time.

You'll weave through the foundations of prehistoric mansions, temples, and landmarks, such as the Terrace of the Lions. Afterward, pop into the island museum, which hosts an extensive collection of small artifacts and frescoes.

Next, sail toward the beaches and crystal-clear waters of Rhenia, where you can swim, snorkel, and relax. Your host will provide lunch on board the boat, so you'll have plenty of energy to explore sandy coves, float in the warm sea, and stroll along uncrowded beaches.

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