Discover Historical Santorini

Explore the wonders of Akrotiri
Most visitors choose Santorini for reasons other than its history. More so, the island is known for its stunning views, unique geology, and picturesque white-washed villages atop rocky cliffs. Discover a different side of Santorini and explores its lesser-known historical monuments from a range of important eras.

Start with a visit to Akrotiri, a Cycladic Bronze Age city destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Luckily, the volcanic ash that covered the metropolis for thousands of years preserved it. 

Next, tour two of the island's museums. You can view stunning frescoes from Akrotiri on display in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, along with other ancient artifacts from island excavations. The nearby Archaeological Museum of Thera hosts interesting exhibits and an exceptional display of ancient artifacts, including sculptures, inscriptions, and ceramics.

Lastly, tour the ruins of Ancient Thera, inhabited from the 9th century BCE until 726 CE when a volcanic eruption covered it in a thick layer of dust. As a strategic location, the site sits atop a mountain, offering incredible views of the sea and its black beach below. Thera's namesake comes from the mythical ruler of Santorini, so you'll also learn a bit about Greek mythology.

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Itineraries with Discover Historical Santorini

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