Waterless Farming: An Insider's Food & Wine Tour on Santorini

Explore Santorini's special gastronomic delights and get to know the island through your tastebuds. This guided tour visits a historic village, two wineries, and an organic farm. Along the way, learn about the island's ancient history of winemaking and traditional culinary delights.

You'll start your tour with a visit to the village of Megalochori, walking along stone pathways called kadounia. Discover the hamlet's authentic and traditional way of life. Out of the crowded tourist areas, this is genuinely the typical life of the islanders. Rest your feet at a family-run winery, Canava Gavalas, where the wine production follows centuries-old traditions. You'll taste several varieties and enjoy local delicacies.

Next, enjoy a cooking demonstration with fresh, hand-picked ingredients from the organic Anydro Farm. In a series of traditional agricultural caves, you'll find cherry tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, prickly pears, zucchini, watermelon, and many other fruits and vegetables. Santorini's produce is well-known to food connoisseurs worldwide, largely thanks to the island's waterless (anhydrous) farming. This agricultural method gives the food a unique and flavorful taste. Here, you'll learn how to prepare traditional seasonal dishes and enjoy a dinner of local products.

To end the tour, you'll stop at Venetsanos Winery. Learn more about Santorini's unique volcanic soil and how it impacts the wine's flavor. As you watch the sunset over the island's famed Caldera, enjoy tasting a few varieties and eating local meze of cheeses and oven-baked bread.

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