The Caldera of Santorini Hike from Fira to Oia

Hiking Along Santorini's Caldera
Hike Santorini’s most impressive path: the rim of the island's famous volcanic caldera. This guided walk follows the edge of the volcano that inspired the myth of Atlantis. Along the way, learn about those who traveled the path before you, including ancient merchants, farmers, and sailors. 

You'll start in Fira, strolling through the traditional whitewashed village that hangs along the caldera cliff. Enjoy views of the sea and landscape, and discover the island's myths, legends, and history. As you start your hike and make your way to Oia, you'll stop to visit a few unique places to learn more about the island and take photos.

Along the way, immerse yourself in the island life, relaxing as you enjoy the sunshine, endless horizon, and the stark nature of Santorini. You'll stop in Firostefani, Imerovigli, and the outskirts of Oia, learning about local customs and traditions. As you hike the stoned path and over rugged volcanic terrain, enjoy more views of vineyards and terraced gardens.

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