Discover the Best View Spots of Santorini

Hiking Along Santorini's Caldera
There's nothing like a Santorini sunset, as the island's viewpoints are some of the best in the Cyclades. It isn't easy, however, to find a spot without extreme crowds. Get off the beaten path and discover the hidden go-to's so you can have the views mostly to yourself.

  • Perhaps the best way to enjoy the Caldera views is along the Fira to Oia Walking Path. This route runs underneath the island's main road, offering a peaceful and quiet stroll while enjoying endless, uninterrupted views. Although hiking from Fira to Oia is a great experience, you don't have to trek the entire trail to reap the benefits. An excellent entry point is at the Pantheon between Imerovigli and Oia. From here, enjoy a short, easy, and mostly downhill walk with amazing views.
  • One of the island's best spots for sunset is Skaros Rock, an impressive rock formation that juts out into the sea. The views require a short hike from the trailhead at Imerovigli.
  • If you're interested in savoring those perfect panoramic views of Santorini without the crowds, visit the Monastery of Prophet Elias. This is the highest point on the island, so you'll get a 360-degree view of the sea, rocky cliffs, and white-washed villages.
  • To catch views of Santorini's entire crescent-shaped Caldera, you can hop on a quick 30-minute ferry to Thirassia. Thirassia is one of the remote volcanic islands set within the crater, and you'll find the best views on your walk up to its hilltop village.
  • Lastly, ditch the crowds completely and head out to Akrotiri Lighthouse on the island's southwestern tip. The 19th-century lighthouse offers another great sunset spot.
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