Discover the Mansions & Villas of Syros

Syros is known for its historic villas and mansions, and many choose to visit the island for this very reason. You can explore these grand properties by navigating a few of the island's neighborhoods and villages. Along the way, discover Syros' interesting history and aristocracy.

  • Start in the Vaporia neighborhood in Hermoupolis, built around the emblematic St. Nicholas Church. Vaporia means "ships," a nod to the neighborhood's array of neo-classical captain houses. As you explore these villas, admire the decorative high ceilings and impressive location with sea views.
  • Next, head to the seaside village of Poseidonia, where you'll find some of the most grandiose mansions in the Greek Islands. As you stroll through the streets relishing the architecture, don't forget to visit the old town hall. This charming villa features an immaculate garden and an exhibition hall.
  • Lastly, make your way to the hilly village of Episkopio, the very first established metropolis of Syros. Besides enjoying the incredible views, the town offers a glimpse into the island's aristocracy. Episkopio appears rather deserted today, but the islanders ensure that the villas remain restored and just as impressive as ever. 
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