Discover Traditional Santorini

Unveil Santorini’s traditions one by one with this fascinating island tour. A local guide will take you back in time through the island's most formative years. Learn about Santorini's interesting history and how people lived on the island throughout the past centuries. 

After getting acquainted with your tour guide and receiving an introduction to Santorini's history, you'll head to the island's Folklore Museum. Here, you'll view various traditional artifacts and learn what life on the island was like in the 1950s. Santorini has since embraced modern times, but much of the island still holds onto its simplified past. Even in the 50s, islanders made everything by hand and without electricity.

Next, stroll the narrow streets of the village Emborio. Locals built their houses extremely close to one another, almost as if stacked. The town's unique aesthetic draws tourists worldwide to admire the white-washed buildings, curved doorways, quirky steps, and deep blue finishes. The entire village looks as if it was sculpted!

Then, enjoy the medieval Pyrgos village, which features a castle and overlooks Mesa Vouno. This picturesque landscape is dotted with rural churches. You'll end the tour at one of the small, family-owned churches, Agios Georgios. After a long morning of sightseeing, rest your feet and fill your tummy with a traditional feast featuring local delicacies. And just like the old times, you'll enjoy it in the breezy yard of the church.

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